Case Alternations in Five Finnic Languages

Estonian, Finnish, Karelian, Livonian and Veps


Author: Aet Lees
This corpus study presents a comparative quantitative analysis of the partitive-accusative alternation of object case in five Finnic languages, using Bible texts. Objects of finite, non-finite and impersonal verbs are discussed. It includes a comparison of the use of case in written old Estonian and Finnish, tracing changes through to modern times, with some historical data also from Karelian, Livonian and Veps. The nominative-partitive alternation of copula complements and subjects in existential clauses is also analysed synchronically and diachronically. The review of relevant literature, much of which is in Finnish or Estonian, and explanatory introductions in all sections, are especially useful for those starting to study Finno-Ugric languages, but also for typologists and historical linguists.

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Aet Lees, M.D. (1972),NSW; B.A. (1996), Sydney University; Honorary Associate, Department of Linguistics. Publications in the Proceedings of the Australian Linguistic Society 2003-2009; "Necessive constructions in Finnic Bible texts". In Santos, D. et al.(eds), Shall We Play the Festschrift Game? (2012).
"This book is a valuable source of information about case-marking in Finnic languages, and will be of interest for those working on this group of languages and/or on case in general."
-Alan Reed Libert, University of Newcastle, in AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF LINGUISTICS, Volume 40, Issue 2
Typologists, historical linguists, those interested in less well-known languages, and anyone researching Finno-Ugric languages, especially those not fluent in Finnic. Also a valuable resource in libraries.