Catalogue of the Arabic Manuscripts in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


The Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ‒ established in 1826 ‒ houses many small and still hidden collections. One of these, the most comprehensive Hungarian collection of Arabic manuscripts, is brought to light by the present catalogue. These codices are described for the first time in a detailed and systematic way. A substantial part of the manuscripts is either dated to or preserved from the 150 year period of Ottoman occupation in Hungary. The highlights of the collection are from the Mamluk era, and the manuscripts as a whole present a clear picture of the curriculum of Islamic education. The descriptions also give an overview of the many additional Turkish and Persian texts thereby adding to our knowledge about the history of these volumes.
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Biographical Note

Kinga Dévényi is curator of the Arabic manuscripts in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and reader in Arabic and Islamic studies at Corvinus University of Budapest. She has published widely on various aspects of Arabic linguistics and Islamic civilisation.

Munif Abdul-Fattah, Ph.D. (2013), Eötvös Loránd University (Faculty of Humanities), is a lecturer in the Organisation of Muslims in Hungary. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on Islam, including The Characteristic Economic Rules of Muslim Communities (JATEpress, 2014).

Katalin Fiedler (b. 1984) earned her MA in Arabic Studies from Eötvös Loránd University, where she also wrote her PhD thesis on the function of examples in Sībawayhi’s Kitāb. Her latest publication is Iyyāka wa-l-mas’ala z-zunbūriyya: On a Widely Debated Mediaeval Grammatical Issue (The Arabist, 2012).

Table of contents

List of Titles in Collected Works
List of Illustrations
Transliteration Table

The Academy and Its Library
The Oriental Collection
The Arabic Manuscripts
Some Statistics
Dated Works
On Ownership
The History of Cataloguing
The Organization of the Catalogue
The Entries

The Koran / al-Qurʾān al-karīm

Tradition / Ḥadīṯ

Qurʾānic Sciences / ʿUlūm al-qurʾān

Theology / ʿIlm al-ʿaqāʾid

Jurisprudence / Fiqh
1 ʿIlm al-uṣūl
1.1 The Muḫtaṣar al-Muntahā fī l-uṣūl of Ibn al-Ḥāǧib
(570–646/1174–1249) and Its Commentaries
1.2 Miscellaneous Tracts
2 ʿIlm al-furūʿ
2.1 Ḥanafī Compendia
2.1.1 The Muḫtaṣar of al-Qudūrī (362–428/972–1037) and Its Commentaries
2.1.2 Commentaries on the Ġurar al-aḥkām of Molla Ḫusraw (d. 885/1480)
2.1.3 The Multaqā l-abḥur of al-Ḥalabī (d. 956/1549) and Its Commentaries
2.1.4 Miscellaneous Ḥanafī Tracts
2.2 Šāfiʿī Compendia
2.3 Ḥanbalī and Mālikī Compendia
2.4 Aḥkām al-ṣalāt
2.5 Islamic Law of Inheritence / ʿilm al-farāʾiḍ

Mysticism / Taṣawwuf
1 Ṣūfī Literature
2 Prayer Books
3 Fortune Telling, Geomancy / Fālnāma, ʿIlm al-raml

History / Tārīḫ

Literature / Adab

Language Sciences
1 Syntax / Naḥw
1.1 al-ʿAwāmil al-miʾa of al-Ǧurǧānī (d. 471/1078) and Its Commentaries
1.2 al-Miṣbāḥ fī ʿilm al-naḥw of al-Muṭarrizī (538–610/1144–1213) and Its Commentaries
1.3 The Kāfiya of Ibn al-Ḥāǧib (d. 646/1249) and Its Commentaries
1.4 The Alfīya of Ibn Mālik (d. 672/1274) and Its Commentaries
1.5 Works by al-Birkawī (d. 981/1573) and Their Commentaries
1.6 Miscellaneous Works
2 Morphology / ʿIlm al-ṣarf
2.1 The Marāḥ al-arwāḥ of Ibn Masʿūd (7th/13th c.)
2.2 The Taṣrīf of al-Zanǧānī (d. 655/1257) and Its Commentaries
2.3 al-Maqṣūd fī l-ṣarf and Its Commentaries
2.4 Miscellaneous Treatises
3 Lexicography / ʿIlm al-luġa
4 Rhetoric / Balāġa

Philosophy / Falsafa

Logic / Manṭiq
1 The Īsāġūǧī of al-Abharī (d. 663/1265) and Its Commentaries
2 al-Risāla al-Šamsīya by al-Qazwīnī al-Kātibī (d. 675/1276) and Its Commentaries
3 Commentaries on Tahḏīb al-manṭiq wa-l-kalām of al-Taftāzānī (d. 793/1390)
4 Disputation / ʿIlm al-munāẓara wa-ādāb al-baḥṯ

1 Encyclopaedia / al-Maʿāǧim al-ǧāmiʿa
2 Education / Tarbiya
3 Classification of Sciences / Tartīb al-ʿulūm
4 Horsemanship / Furūsīya
5 Mathematics / Riyāḍīyāt

Christian Books

Index of Titles
Index of Authors
Index of Scribes
Index of Owners
Index of Dated Manuscripts
Index of Place Names
Index of Call Numbers


All interested in (Arabic) manuscripts and the transmission of knowledge within the curriculum of the traditional Islamic education.