Spaces in-between

Cultural and Political Perspectives on Environmental Discourse


Spaces in-between goes beyond the emphasis on externalities signalled by the term ‘environment’ to address the isolation of modern technological culture from nature. Solutions require more than an awareness of ‘natural surroundings’ and human destructiveness. We think in terms of the re-conceptualization, re-design and re-negotiation of space. The book is concerned with social practices, belief systems, urban designs, the organization and representation of landscapes and modes of living. These aspects of ‘spatiality’ suggest how to conceive and practice the intermingling of nature and culture and how to develop public commitment to such practices. In the process we show how concern for the environment as an aspect of space helps us to reconceive and reinterpret what it means to be human.

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Mark Luccarelli is Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Oslo (Norway). He is the principal founding member of Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary International Studies (NIES) and is co-editor of Green Oslo (Ashgate 2012). He has published widely on Lewis Mumford, environment and planning, the aesthetics of landscape representation, and environmental literature in the United States.

Sigurd Bergmann is Professor in Religious Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He initiated the European Forum for the Study of Religion & the Environment. Among his many publications are God in Context (Ashgate, 2003), The Ethics of Mobilities (co-ed. Ashgate, 2008), Religion, Space and the Environment (Transaction, 2014), and Technofutures, Nature and the Sacred (co-ed. Ashgate, 2015).
Reconsidering Environment: Spatial Contexts and the Development of the Environmental Humanities, Mark Luccarelli and Sigurd Bergmann

I: Lived Spaces & Political Contexts
Strindberg’s Modern Ecological Subject: “Swedish Nature” Viewed From a Train, Linda Haverty Rugg
The Romance of Reinhabitation: Jack London and Knut Hamsun, Peter Mortensen
A Cosmopolitan Sense of Place, Carmen Flys Junquera
Hannah Arendt on Transcendence in the Public Sphere, Firmin DeBrabander
“City Creeks: Lessons in Sustainable Environmental Discourse from a Florida Boom Town”, Thomas Hallock
Allotment and Community Gardens: Commons in German Cities, Werner Bigell

II: Reconceiving Environmental Space
Natural or Political Public Space? Spaces of Interpretation, Environmentalism, and the Sacred Depth, Forrest Clingerman
Reconstituting the geographical place: the design of public spaces of exception in the contemporary city, Rodrigo Coelho
Living in Bubbles: Peter Sloterdijk’s Spherology and the Environmental Humanities, Hannes Bergthaller

Medieval Green Cities: Third Space and the Challenge of History, Mark Luccarelli