Copper in the Early Modern Sino-Japanese Trade


Volume Editor: Keiko Nagase-Reimer
This volume sheds light on the important role of copper in early modern Sino-Japanese trade. By examining the demand for copper and the policy on copper procurement in Japan and China as well as the role of Osaka merchant houses, this volume provides a new slant on the “life” of Japanese copper – from production and distribution to consumption. In addition, papers on other significant traded products such as sugar, seafood, and books give us a better understanding of Sino-Japanese trade overall. The latest discussions on this field, which were mostly published in Japanese, have been brought together in this book and made accessible to an English-speaking audience.
Contributors include: IMAI Noriko, IWASAKI Yoshinori, LIU Shiuh-Feng, MATSUURA Akira, and Keiko NAGASE-REIMER.

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Keiko Nagase-Reimer, PhD (2007) in the history of science and technology, Technical University Berlin, specializes in copper in early modern Japan. Her publications include Mining, Monies, and Culture in Early Modern Societies (with co-editor Nanny Kim, Brill 2013).
Foreword - Regine Mathias
Acknowledgements - Keiko Nagase-Reimer
List of Figures, Tables and Maps
About the Contributors
Main Copper Transportation Routes in Japan and China

1 Introduction - Keiko Nagase-Reimer
2 Copper in Edo-Period Japan - Imai Noriko
3 The Akita Domain and Osaka Merchant Houses at the Time of the Establishment of the Meiwa Copper Agency - Iwasaki Yoshinori
4 “There’s Method in the Madness”: A New Approach to the Early Modern Sino-Japanese Copper Trade - Keiko Nagase-Reimer
5 Copper Administratioin Reform and Copper Imports from Japan in the Qianlong Reign of the Qing Dynasty - Liu Shiuh-Feng
6 The Trade in Dried Marine Products from Nagasaki to China during the Edo Period - Matsuura Akira
7 The Import of Chinese Sugar in the Nagasaki Junk Trade and Its Impact - Matsuura Akira
8 Imports and Exports of Books by Chinese Junks in the Edo Period - Matsuura Akira

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All interested in the early modern history of mining technology and culture in Japan as well as the early modern Sino-Japanese trade.