The Asanids

The Political and Military History of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1280)


In The Asanids. The Political and Military History of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1280), Alexandru Madgearu offers the first comprehensive history in English of a state which played a major role in the evolution of the Balkan region during Middle Ages. This state emerged from the rebellion of two peoples, Romanians and Bulgarians, against Byzantine domination, within a few decades growing to a regional power that entered into conflict with Byzantium and with the Latin Empire of Constantinople. The founders were members of a Romanian (Vlach) family, whose intention was to revive the former Bulgarian state, the only legitimate political framework that could replace the Byzantine rule.

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Alexandru Madgearu, Ph.D. (1997), is senior researcher at the Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military History, Bucharest. He has published various works of late ancient and medieval history of Romania and South-Eastern Europe, including Byzantine Military Organization on the Danube, 10th-12th Centuries (Brill, 2013).
List of Maps and Figures vii
1 The Sources 1
2 The Historiography 11
3 A Short View on Byzantium in the Years before the Uprising
of the Vlachs and Bulgarians 29
4 The Beginning of the Rebellion and the Rise of the Vlach-Bulgarian
State (1185–1188) 35
5 Peter and Asan, 1189–1197 84
6 Johannitsa (1197–1207) 114
7 Boril (1207–1218) 175
8 John Asan II (1218–1241) 195
9 The Decline of the Asanid State (1241–1280) 228
10 Fortifications 267
Conclusion 283
Abbreviations 289
Bibliography 293
Sources 340
Geographic and Ethnic Names 342
Persons 352
Modern Authors (Except Footnotes) 358
All interested in the history of the Byzantine Empire, South-Eastern Europe, medieval military history, and crusades.