Tibetan Literary Genres, Texts, and Text Types

From Genre Classification to Transformation


Editor: Jim Rheingans
The papers in Tibetan Literary Genres, Texts, and Text Types deepen our knowledge of Tibetan literature. They not only examine particular Tibetan genres and texts (pre-modern and contemporary), but also genre classification, transformation, and reception. Despite previous contributions, the systematic analysis of Tibetan textual genres is still a relatively undeveloped field, especially when compared with the sophisticated examinations of other literary traditions.
The book is divided into four parts: textual typologies, blurred genre boundaries, specific texts and text types, and genres in transition to modernity. The introduction discusses previous classificatory approaches and concepts of textual linguistics. The text classes that receive individual attention can be summarised as songs and poetry, offering-ritual, hagiography, encyclopaedia, lexicographical texts, trickster narratives, and modern literature.
Contributors include: Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Ruth Gamble, Lama Jabb, Roger R. Jackson, Giacomella Orofino, Jim Rheingans, Peter Schwieger, Ekaterina Sobkovyak, Victoria Sujata, and Peter Verhagen.

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Jim Rheingans, Ph.D. (2008), is a Research Fellow in Tibetan Studies at the University of Hamburg. He has published about Tibetan literature, history, and Buddhism, including “Communicating the Innate” (2012) and Narrative Pattern and Genre in Hagiographic Life Writing (2014).
All interested in Tibetan literature and genre, and anyone concerned with genre classification and textual linguistics and the individual Tibetan genres studied (songs, modern literature, biographies, etc.).