African Roads to Prosperity

People en Route to Socio-Cultural and Economic Transformations


Volume Editors: Akinyinka Akinyoade and Jan-Bart Gewald
This book brings together in a comparative analysis the results of studies of the various cultural, social, economic and historical aspects that are formative in African societies’ experiences of how people negotiated the spaces and times of being in transit on the road to prosperity.
The book analyses the various outcomes of the process of mobility and the experience of spaces and times of transit across gender, generational, and class-differences. These experiences are explored and give insight into the socio-cultural and economics transformations that have taken place in African societies in the past century.

Contributors are:
Akinyinka Akinyoade, Walter van Beek, Marleen Dekker, Ton Dietz, Rijk van Dijk, Isaie Dougnon, Jan-Bart Gewald, Meike de Goede, Benjamin Kofi Nyarko, Samuel Ntewusu Aniegye, Taiwo Olabisi Oluwatoyin, Shehu Tijjani Yusuf, Augustine Tanle and Amisah Zenabu Bakuri.

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Akinyinka Akinyoade, PhD (2007), International Institute of Social Studies Den Haag, is a Senior Researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden. He has published books and articles on irregular migration, and fertility dynamics in West Africa. He is currently working on food and water security scenarios for Africa 2050.

Jan-Bart Gewald, PhD (1996), Leiden University, is a Senior Researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden and Professor of History at Leiden University. He has published extensively on aspects of southern African History and is currently working primarily on Zambian history.

1 African Roads to Prosperity: People en Route to Socio-Cultural and Economic Transformations
Jan-Bart Gewald & Akinyinka Akinyoade

2 Roads to Prosperity: Social Zones of Transit
Amisah Zenabu Bakuri

3 Roads to Prosperity: Reflections about a Concept
Ton Dietz

Zones of Transit

4 Wenela, Katima Mulilo, a Zone of Transit in Barotseland: The Development of a Holding Zone for Migrants on the Extreme Frontier of the South African Empire
Jan-Bart Gewald

5 ‘Trapped’ in the North: Southern Migrants in Northern Nigeria, 1908–1970s
Shehu Tijjani Yusuf

6 Migration and Competition around Commercial Spaces: The Case of Songhay Migrants at the Kumasi Central Market, Ghana 1930–1948
Isaie Dougnon

7 Resettlement in Zimbabwe: Final Destination from the Zones of Transition?
Marleen Dekker

Zones of Transference

8 A Romantic Zone of Transference? Botswana, Ghanaian Migrants and Marital Social Mobility
Rijk van Dijk

9 The Opportunities of the Margin: The Kapsiki Smith and his Road to Prosperity
Walter van Beek

10 Migrants’ Assessment of Prospects in Migration: A Case Study of Conservancy Labourers in the University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Augustine Tanle & Benjamin Kofi Nyarko

11 Coercion or Volition: Making Sense of the Experiences of Female Victims of Trafficking from Nigeria in the Netherlands
Taiwo Olabisi Oluwatoyin & Akinyinka Akinyoade

Zones of Transit and Transference

12 So be nya dagna? (‘Is someone injured?’): The Evolution and Use of Tricycles in Tamale, Northern Ghana
Samuel Ntewusu & Edward Nanbigne

13 Nigerians in Transit: The Trader and the Religious in Jerusalem House, Ghana
Akinyinka Akinyoade

14 Ghanaian migrants in the Netherlands: Germany as a transit zone
Amisah Zenabu Bakuri

15 Kinshasa: A city of refugees
Meike de Goede

List of Contributors

All those involved in the study of Africa, Migration, Mobility, socio-cultural and economic transformations.