The Adaptable Jesus of the Fourth Gospel

The Pedagogy of the Logos


In The Adaptable Jesus of the Fourth Gospel, Jason S. Sturdevant argues that the Gospel of John portrays Jesus as an adaptable teacher, who accommodates to different people in various ways to a singular end, to bring each to faith. In the same way, the Logos accommodates to humanity via the incarnation. Adaptability serves as both an interpersonal and universal category.

Early Christian interpretations of John, especially that of John Chrysostom, describe the Jesus of John by echoing characterizations of the ideal Greco-Roman pedagogue, adapting to his diverse students. By looking to such interpretations, as well as illumination from the milieu of the Fourth Evangelist, Jason S. Sturdevant provides a new lens through which to understand the characterization of the Johannine Jesus.
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Biographical Note

Jason S. Sturdevant, Ph.D. (2013), Princeton Theological Seminary, is Teaching Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at North Carolina State University.

Table of contents

Introduction: Adaptability and the Fourth Gospel

Chapter One: Adaptability in the World of the Fourth Gospel: Presuppositions and Principles

Chapter Two: Descent and Adaptability: the Pedagogy of the Logos in Philo and the Fourth Gospel

Chapter Three: Adapting to Extremes: Variation and Progression in John 3-4

Chapter Four: With Words and Tears: the Sisters of Bethany in John 11:1-12:8

Chapter Five: Receiving the Resurrected Jesus: Mary And Thomas In John 20

Chapter Six: The Shepherd and the Witness: Jesus with Peter and the Beloved Disciple



All interested in the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospel of John, and those exploring how interpretation history of the New Testament can illuminate contemporary understanding of those texts.