On Theriac to Piso, Attributed to Galen

A Critical Edition with Translation and Commentary


Robert Leigh offers a critical edition with translation into English, commentary and introduction of the pharmacological treatise On Theriac to Piso traditionally attributed to Galen. The focus of the work is on the question of authorship and Leigh seeks to show on textual, pharmacological, doctrinal and historical grounds that the attribution to Galen is at least highly problematic and probably mistaken. As well as marshalling the arguments in the introduction, Leigh seeks in the commentary not only to give a general exegesis of the text but also to identify points of agreement and points of difference between the treatise and other works which are undisputedly in the genuine Galenic corpus.

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Robert Leigh (PhD.) 2011, University of Exeter, is an honorary research fellow of that university. On Theriac to Piso is based on his PhD thesis.
''Ein Beitrag, der auch für den Pharmaziehistoriker von Interesse sein dürfte, ist hier die vorliegende textkritische Erstedition einer Theriakschrift, die auf der in Exeter angefertigten klassisch-philologischen Dissertation des Autors basiert.'' M. Haars, PhB, 2016
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The Text
The Manuscripts
The Arabic Text
The Latin Translations
The Andromachus Poem
The Treatise
Structure and Content
Conclusions on Authenticity
Note on Chapter Headings

Text and Translation



Index Locorum
General Index
Index of Significant Greek Terms
This edition will be of interest to students of Galen and of the ancient medicine and pharmacology.