Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 1

Essays and Letters on Economic Theory


Editor: Rick Kuhn
Author: Henryk Grossman
This collection includes texts by Henryk Grossman that are primarily concerned with economic theory: monographs, articles, essays, letters and manuscript material. Many have never been published in English before, some in any language. The first in four volumes of Grossman’s works, it provides the basis for a deeper understanding of Grossman’s contributions to Marxist economic theory and critique of bourgeois economics. Rick Kuhn’s introduction explains the contexts in which the texts were written and establishes their contemporary relevance.

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Henryk Grossman (1881–1950) was the preeminent Marxist economist of the twentieth century. He was the founding theoretician and secretary of the Jewish Social Democratic Party of Galicia, a Professor at the Free University of Warsaw later, as a member of the Institute for Social Research, at the University of Frankfurt, and then at the University of Leipzig. Rick Kuhn is a member of Socialist Alternative in Australia, he wrote the Deutscher Prize winning biography Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism (University of Illinois, 2008) and is an honorary associate professor at the Australian National University.
IntroductionRick Kuhn
1 The Fortieth Anniversary of Capital
2 The Theory of Economic Crisis
3 The Economic System of Karl Marx (on the Fortieth Anniversary of His Death)
4 Simonde de Sismondi and His Economic Theories (a New Interpretation of His Thought)
5 A New Theory of Imperialism and the Social Revolution
6 Review of Othmar Spann, The Principal Theories of Economics
7 Review of Maurice Bourguin, Socialist Systems and Economic Evolution
8 The Change in the Original Plan for Marx’s Capital and Its Causes
9 Notes for ‘Response to Criticisms of the Principle Work’
10 Letters to Frieda and Paul Mattick
11 Gold Production in the Reproduction Schema of Marx and Rosa Luxemburg
12 The Value-Price Transformation in Marx and the Problem of Crisis
13 Fifty Years of Struggle over Marxism 1883–1932
14 Letters to Leo Löwenthal
15 Letters to Max Horkheimer
16 Sismondi, Jean Charles Leonard Simonde de (1773–1842)
17 Review of Élie Halévy, Sismondi
18 Review of Robert Bordaz, Marx’s Law of Capitals in Light of Contemporary Events
19 Contributions to a Seminar Series on Monopoly Capitalism
20 Review of G.N. Clark, Science and Social Welfare in the Age of Newton, and George Sarton, The History of Science and the New Humanism
21 Review of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Civil War in the United States
22 Review of F. Grandeau, The Theory of Crises
23 Review of Cleona Lewis, America’s Stake in International Investments
24 Review of Jürgen Kuczynski, Hunger and Work
25 Review of L.P. Ayres, Turning Points in Business Cycles
26 Marx, Classical Political Economy and the Problem of Dynamics
27 Review of Josef A. Schumpeter, Business Cycles: A Theoretical, Historical and Statistical Analysis of the Capitalist Process
28 Review of Solomon Fabricant, The Output of Manufacturing Industries 1899–1937
29 Review of Lynn Thorndike, A History of Magic and Experimental Sciences
30 The Evolutionist Revolt against Classical Economics
31 W. Playfair, the Earliest Theorist of Capitalist Development
32 Letters to Bill Blake and Christina Stead
33 Letters to Walter Braeuer
References Index
All interested in Marxist economics and the history of Marxism, from the curious but ignorant to specialists.