Selected Essays on China’s Education: Research and Review, Volume 3

Knowledge and Tradition

Editor: Gang Ding
Selected Essays on China’s Education: Research and Review (4 volumes) consists of 22 most influential theses on the history and tradition of Chinese Education. These essays, selected and translated from China’s Education: Research and Review, a serial publication in Chinese, reflect the progress of qualitative research on Chinese education both within and outside China.

Volume 1 focuses on Written and Oral Narratives, including six articles; Volume 2 focuses on History and Current Reality, including five articles; Volume 3 focuses on Knowledge and Tradition, including six articles; and Volume 4 focuses on Gender and Education, including five articles. Aiming to promote academic dialogues on Chinese culture and education, these essays explore important educational and cultural issues in China with a transcultural perspective.

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Gang DING, Ph.D. (1953), East China Normal University, is Professor of Educational Culture and History Studies at that university. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on China, including A Series of Chinese Educational Tradition and Culture Studies (Guangxi Normal University Press, 2009).

Ruth Hayhoe

1 Creation of Traditional Cultural Curriculum: the Instruction of Analects
Zhou Yong, Translated by Tom Smith

2 The Response of United States College Students to the Study of Confucian Humanism
Barry C. Keenan

3 The Image of China in Chinese Language Teaching Materials in Japan
Guo Xiujing, Translated by Chad Meyers

4 Science and Science Education in the Chinese Perspective
Wu Gang, Translated by Arthur Wan

5 Curriculum Reform, Standards and the Teachers of the Chinese Mainland & Hong Kong SAR
Leslie Nai Kwai Lo, Translated by Chad Meyers

6 Knowledge Resources of a Village and the Space of Cultural Power: a Field Work
Li Xiaomin, Translated by Arthur Wan
All researchers and students who are interested in Chinese education culture & history and seeking for detailed descriptions or qualitative analyses concerning Chinese education tradition and reality.