The Babylonian Disputation Poems

With Editions of the Series of the Poplar, Palm and Vine, the Series of the Spider, and the Story of the Poor, Forlorn Wren


In The Babylonian Disputation Poems Enrique Jiménez studies a group of ancient Babylonian poems that feature discussions between animals and trees. Using intertextual parallels and comparison with similar works in other literatures, he espouses a new classification of the Babylonian disputation poems as parodies. After examining neighboring traditions of literary disputation, he argues that the Babylonian poems influenced them, and that some may have been translated from Akkadian to Aramaic, from Aramaic and Syriac to Arabic.

In addition, The Babylonian Disputation Poems provides editions of several previously unpublished Babylonian disputations, such as Palm and Vine and the Series of the Spider. It also offers the first edition of the latest known Babylonian fable, The Story of the Poor, Forlorn Wren.
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Biographical Note

Enrique Jiménez, PhD (2013), Complutense University Madrid, is Senior Editor at the Cuneiform Commentaries Project (Yale University). He specializes in literary and scholarly texts from first millennium BCE Babylonia, and has published several articles on the topic.

Table of contents

I. The Mesopotamian Disputation Poems
II. The Series of the Poplar
III. Palm and Vine
IV. The Series of the Spider
V. The Story of the Poor, Forlorn Wren
VI.1. Series of the Fox
VIII. Bibliography
A Syriac Dialogue Poem between the Vine and Cedar by Dawid bar Pawlos


Scholars of Babylonian literature, as well as scholars of related fields and students of comparative literature.


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