The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond 

Volume 3. Displaced Persons


Converso and Morisco are the terms applied to those Jews and Muslims who converted to Christianity in large numbers and usually under duress in late Medieval Spain. The Converso and Morisco Studies publications will examine the implications of these mass conversions for the converts themselves, for their heirs (also referred to as Conversos and Moriscos) and for Medieval and Modern Spanish culture. As the essays in this collection attest, the study of the Converso and Morisco phenomena is not only important for those scholars focused on Spanish society and culture, but for academics everywhere interested in the issues of identity, Otherness, nationalism, religious intolerance and the challenges of modernity.

Contributors include Mercedes Alcalá-Galan, Ruth Fine, Kevin Ingram, Yosef Kaplan, Sara T. Nalle, Juan Ignacio Pulido Serrano, Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço, Ashar Salah, Gretchen Starr-LeBeau, Claude Stuczynski, and Gerard Wiegers.

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Kevin Ingram, Ph.D. (2006) in History, University of California, San Diego, is Professor of Modern History at Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus.

Juan Ignacio Pulido Serrano, Ph.D. (2001), University of Alcalá, is Profesor Titular in the University of Alcalá.
“This impeccably edited volume contains tables, images, and an index, and is to be commended for managing to cover the entire temporal and geographical scope of its topic. It is recommended for anybody interested in the history of Moriscos and Conversos, especially since this is a neglected but rich field in need of further research.”
Philipp Reisner, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. In: Sixteenth Century Journal, Vol. 49, No. 2 (summer 2018), pp. 533-535.


List of Illustrations
Series Introduction

Introduction to this Volume
Kevin Ingram

Chapter One A Forgotten Campaign against the Conversos of Sigüenza: Pedro Cortés and the Inquisition of Cuenca
Sara T Nalle

Chapter Two Iberians before the Venetian Inquisition
Gretchen Starr-Le Beau

Chapter Three The Psalms of David by Daniel Israel López Laguna, a Wandering Jew
Ruth Fine

Chapter Four Anti-Rabbinic Texts and Converso Identities: Ferna͂o Ximenes de Araga͂os Catholic Doctrine
Claude B Stuczynski

Chapter Five Injurious Lexicons: Inquisitorial Testimonies regarding New Christians in Macacu, Manila and Nagasaki in the Late Sixteenth Century
Miguel Rodrigues Lourenço

Chapter Six Converso Complicities in an Atlantic Monarchy: Political and Social Conflicts behind Inquisitorial Persecution
Ignacio Pulido Serrano

Chapter Seven Philip II as the New Solomon: The Covert Promotion of Religious Toleration and Synergism in Post-Tridentine Spain
Kevin Ingram
Chapter Eight The Granada Lead Books Translator Miguel de Luna as a Model for both the Toledan Morisco Translator and the Arab Historian Cidi Hamete Benengeli in Cervantes’ Don Quijote
Gerard Wiegers
Chapter Nine An Attempted Morisco Settlement in Early Seventeenth Century Tuscany
Asher Salah
Chapter Ten From Mooresses to Odalisques: Representations of the Mooress in the Discourse of the Expulsion Apologists
Mercedes Alcalá-Galan
Chapter Eleven This Thing Will Preserve their Nation Forever: Circumcision and Conversion in the EarlyModern Western Sephardic Communities
Yosef Kaplan


An academic and informed non academic readership interested in Early Modern socio-cultural history, the history and literature of Spain and Portugal and the history of the Jews and Muslims in Spain and beyond.