Satō Haruo and Modern Japanese Literature


In Satō Haruo and Modern Japanese Literature, Charles Exley offers the first comprehensive examination of Satō’s literary oeuvre from the 1910s through the 1930s. The study examines the ways in which selected novels and short stories interact with cultural discourses of the time, including the fantastic, the discourse on melancholy and mental illness, detective fiction and early film, colonial encounter and critique of civilization, and hysteria and psychoanalysis.
Exley’s alignment of Satō’s fictional work with its cultural and historical context illustrates the complex ways in which Satō’s aesthetic projections derived from and comment on Japan’s experience with modernization during the twentieth century.

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Charles Exley, Ph.D. (2004), Yale University, is Assistant Professor of Japanese Literature and Film at University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include Satō Haruo, modern Japanese literature, Asakusa opera, and film.
All interested in modern Japanese literature, detective and mystery fiction, film, and literature of the prewar period.
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