The volume aims to show the variety of research currents of the Lvov-Warsaw School and the ways in which these currents are developed today. The content of the book is divided into three parts. The first part provides an overview of the logico-semiotical achievements of the Lvov-Warsaw School. It also includes analyses of specific problems: categorial grammar, theory of truth, theory of reasoning and semiotic defects. The second part presents some metaphysical and ontological views of Twardowski, Kotarbiński, Ajdukiewicz, Bocheński and Lejewski. In the third part, specific features of psychological and sociological branches of the Lvov-Warsaw School are discussed.

Contributors include: Anna Brożek, Wojciech Buszkowski, Alicja Chybińska, Mariusz Grygianiec, Aleksandra Horecka, Stepan Ivanyk, Jacek Jadacki, Ryszard Kleszcz, Natalia Miklaszewska, Wioletta Miśkiewicz, Teresa Rzepa, Piotr Surma, Jan Woleński, and Marta Zaręba.

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Anna Brożek
Born in Cracow (Poland). A pianist and a philosopher (titular professor). She is the author of seven books (i.a. Kazimierz Twardowski. Die Wiener Jahre, Springer 2011; Theory of Questions, Rodopi 2011) and a few dozen of articles in logical semiotics, methodology, ontology, history of Polish philosophy, and musicology.

Alicja Chybińska
Born in Gdańsk (Poland). She is a doctoral student working on semiotic defects at the Institute of Philosophy, Warsaw University. She is the author of several papers concerning semiotics, methodology, and history of Polish philosophy.

Jacek Jadacki
Born in Puchaczów (Poland) A pianist and a philosopher (titular professor). He is the author of many books (i.a: From the Viewpoint of the Lvov-Warsaw School, Rodopi 2003; Polish Analytical Philosophy, Semper 2009; Being and Duty, Copernicus Center Press 2013) and a few hundred papers of various domains of philosophy.

Jan Woleński
Born in Radom (Poland). A philosopher and theorist of law (titular professor; member of the Polish Academy of Science). He is the author of over a dozen of books (i.a. Logic and Philosophy in the Lvov-Warsaw School, Kluwer 1989; Epistemology. Vol. I-III, in Polish, Aureus 2000; Historico-Philosophical Essays, Copernicus Center Press 2012) and over a thousand articles concerning almost all domains of philosophy.
Anna Brożek and Jacek Jadacki, Introduction.

Jan Woleński, Achievements of the Warsaw Logical School.
Wojciech Buszkowski, Syntactic Categories and Types: Ajdukiewicz and Modern Categorial Grammars.
Jan Woleński, Truth-Theories in the Lvov-Warsaw School .
Anna Brożek, Questions and Cognition. On Erotetic Reasoning
with Reference to some Ajdukiewicz’s Ideas.
Alicja Chybińska, Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz on Semiotic Defects .

Ryszard Kleszcz, Kazimierz Twardowski on Metaphysics.
Anna Brożek, Kazimierz Twardowski on Philosophy and Science.
Mariusz Grygianiec, On Czesław Lejewski’s Ontology.
Marta Zaręba, On Tadeusz Kotarbiński’s Reism and the Praxiological
Theory of Action .
Aleksandra Horecka, Applying the Theory of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz
and Józef M. Bocheński to the Formulation of an Ontological
Thesis. A Sketch of Non-Endurantistic Semantics.

Teresa Rzepa, The Humanistic Traits of Psychology at the Lvov-
-Warsaw School.
Wioletta Miśkiewicz, Empirical Psychology in Lvov. Between
Clandestine Laboratory and Psychology without Tools .
Piotr Surma, Bronisław Bandrowski. A Disrupted Thread
in Polish Analytical Thought.
Stepan Ivanyk, Stefan Baley and the Lvov-Warsaw School.
Natalia Miklaszewska, Classication of Mental Acts in Works
of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz.
Jacek Jadacki, Jakub Karpiński in the Orbit of the Lvov-W arsaw

Jacek Jadacki, Tradition of the Lvov-Warsaw School in the Second
Half of the 20th Century in Poland.
philosophers of languages, logicians and semioticians, ontologists, historians of Polish philosophy, historians of analytical philosophy, historians of logic