The Palestine Yearbook of International Law, Volume 18 (2015)


编者: Ardi Imseis
Under the editorship of Ardi Imseis, Volume 18 of the Palestine Yearbook of International Law features articles on: colonialism and apartheid; the Mavi Marmara Flotilla; populist legal movements; corporate accountability for human rights violations; the World Trade Organization; and state crimes.

The Yearbook is an unparalleled reference work of general international law, in particular as related to Palestine. The Yearbook regularly features English-language articles reviewing contemporary legal questions and translations of key legislation, court decisions, and academic material. It is intended for use by legal practitioners, government officials, researchers, scholars, and students. Published in cooperation with the Birzeit University Institute of Law, the Yearbook is a valuable resource for anyone seeking well-researched and timely information about Palestine and related legal issues.

Contributors: Valentina Azarova; Birju Dattani; Nina Jorgensen; Victor Kattan; John Reynolds; Ozlem Ulgen; Kim Van der Borght and Hisham Awwad.

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Ardi Imseis, Cambridge University, (Ph.D. Candidate), is a former UN legal advisor and Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar, Columbia Law School. He is currently a Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Law, American University in Cairo
Part 1
The Slow March Towards Liberation: Criticism, Strategy and Action through International Law, Ardi Imseis;
Anti-Colonial Legalities: Paradigms, Tactics & Strategy, John Reynolds;
The ICC and the Saga of the Mavi Marmara 53, Victor Kattan;
Populism and the International Law of Self-Determination: Charting the Emergence of Populist Legal Movements from South Africa to Palestine, Birju Dattani;
Boycotts, Funds, and Class Actions: Democratic Imperative Mechanisms against Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations, Ozlem Ulgen;
Palestine and the World Trade Organization: A Legal Roadmap for Accession, Kim Van der Borght and Hisham Awwad;
The Concept of State Crimes in the Context of the Syrian Crisis Nina H.B. Jørgensen;
Part 2
Book Review
A Healthy Dose of Wartime Normative Realism, Valentina Azarova;
Part 3
Section A
United Nations Documents
Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry Established Pursuant to Human Rights Council Resolution S-21/1 (Summary);
Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Occupied since 1967, Makarim Wibisono;
Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories Occupied since 1967;
Section B
United Nations Resolutions
UN General Assembly Resolution 69/320: Raising the Flags of Non-member;
Observer States at the United Nations 301;
Section C
European Court of Justice;
Hamas v. Council 305;
Section D
International Criminal Court
Situation on Registered Vessels of Comoros, Greece and Cambodia, Article 53(1) Report;
Decision on the Request of the Union of the Comoros to Review the Prosecutor’s Decision Not to Initiate an Investigation Partly Dissenting Opinion of Judge Kovacs;
section E
Beit Jala Municipality et al. v. Ministry of Defense et al. (Cremisan Valley Case), Ruling [2 April 2015];
Beit Jala Municipality et al. v. Ministry of Defense et al. (Cremisan Valley Case), Ruling [6 July 2015];
HaMoKed et al., v. Minister of Defense (Regulation 119) [3 December 2014]

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