An Analysis of the English Common Law, Principles of Equity and their Application in a former British Colony, Cyprus


This book deals with the genesis, formation and development of two fundamental aspects of English Law, common law and equity. The common law laid down the rules governing cohabitation in communities and human rights. Equity was the offspring of natural law designed to prevent and remedy injustice resulting from unconscionable conduct. English law including both common law and equity was introduced in former British Colonies and dominions. In most of them it was retained after independence. This is the principal legacy of English colonization of countries. The introduction, application and retention of English law is reflected in Cyprus, a former British colony.

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Biographical Note
Georghios M. Pikis was Justice and Sequentially President of the Supreme Court of Cyprus from 1981-2004. He was elected and served as a member of the U.N. Committee against Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment (part time mission). In 2002 he was elected President of the Circle of Presidents of the European Constitutional Courts and in 2003 he was elected Judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC) by the Assembly of State Parties (term decided by lot – 6 years). He was assigned to the Appeals Division of the ICC and served as the first President of the Division.
Table of contents
Table of English Cases; Table of Cyprus Cases; Preface;
Chapter 1: Genesis of The Common Law
Chapter 2: Introduction to The Common Law and its Application in Cyprus
Chapter 3: Application and Development of The Common Law
Chapter 4: Binding Precedent
Chapter 5: Basic Principles of The Common Law
Chapter 6: The Administration of Justice
Chapter 7: Supplementary Reference to Principles of The Common Law
Chapter 8: Overview of The Common Law
Chapter 9: Origin and Principles of Equity
Chapter 10: Instantiation of the Application of the Principles of Equity
Chapter 11: Breach of Confidence
Chapter 12: Undue Influence
Chapter 13: Cause of Action and Issue Estoppel
Chapter 14: Trusts
Chapter 15: Duress
Chapter 16: Specific Performance
Chapter 17: Set Off
Chapter 18: Equitable Assignment
Chapter 19: Laches
Chapter 20: Subrogation
Chapter 21: Estoppel
Chapter 22: Promissory Estoppel
Chapter 23: Proprietary Estoppel
Chapter 24: Colonial Period
Chapter 25: Independence
Chapter 26: Application Of Common Law after Independence
Chapter 27: Cyprus Case Law on the Applicability of the Principles of Equity after Independence
Chapter 28: Epilogue
Index Per Chapter.
Index Card
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