Missionary Expatriate Effectiveness

How Personality, Calling, and Learned Competencies Influence the Expatriate Transitions of Pentecostal Missionaries


In Missionary Expatriate Effectiveness, John Farquhar Plake examines how Pentecostal missionaries adjust to foreign cultural environments and become proficient at their work abroad. Connecting the disciplines of psychology, human resource management, and missiology, Plake provides unique insights into the predictors of expatriate effectiveness through the experience of 949 missionaries working in 127 nations.

Responding to the question, “Are missionaries born, called, or made?”, Plake provides evidence that cross-cultural training is a critical component of missionary formation. Here missionaries, educators, mission agency leaders, I-O psychologists, and cross-cultural scholars will find actionable data and a hopeful, nuanced picture of reality, grounded in the lived experiences of Pentecostal missionaries worldwide.

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John Farquhar Plake, Ph.D. (2014), Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, is an Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Studies at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A. He specializes in missionary education, cross-cultural training, and student spiritual formation.

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Chapter 1: Expatriate Effectiveness for Missionaries

Chapter 2: Social Scientific Foundations

Chapter 3: Biblical and Missiological Foundations

Chapter 4: A Leadership Perspective on Missionary Performance

Chapter 5: Developing the Missionary Survey

Chapter 6: The Results of the Missionary Survey

Chapter 7: A Structural Model of Missionary Expatriate Effectiveness

Chapter 8: A Theory of Missionary Expatriate Effectiveness


Missionaries, educators, mission agency leaders, I-O psychologists, and cross-cultural trainers interested in expatriate effectiveness, personality, divine calling, cross-cultural adjustment, work engagement, and missionary job performance