A Long the Krommerun

Selected Papers from the Utrecht James Joyce Symposium


A LONG THE KROMMERUN offers a selection of the best papers delivered at the XXIV International James Joyce Symposium hosted by Utrecht University, the Netherlands, June 2014. The essays offer fresh insights into Joyce and De Stijl aesthetic movement which originated in the Netherlands, Joyce’s (language) politics, his use of multilingualism and dialects, and, by way of close readings and genetic approaches of Finnegans Wake, the intricate ways Joyce communicates with his readers.

Contributors: Boriana A. Alexandrova, Stephanie Boland, Austin Briggs, Tim Conley, Catherine Flynn, Philip Keel Geheber, Robbert-Jan Henkes, Maria Kager, Katherine O’Callaghan, So Onose, David Pascoe, Sam Slote, David Spurr, and Dirk Van Hulle.


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Biographical Note

Onno Kosters is Assistant Professor of English Literature and Translation at Utrecht University. His main research interests are Anglo-Irish literature in general, and James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Seamus Heaney in particular.

Tim Conley is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Brock University in Canada. He has written and edited several books, including Joyces Mistakes: Problems of Intention, Irony, and Interpretation (2003), Joyce’s Disciples Disciplined (2010), and Doubtful Points: Joyce and Punctuation (co-edited with Elizabeth M. Bonapfel, 2014).

Peter de Voogd is emeritus professor of English, Utrecht University, and founding editor of The Shandean. He has published widely on the eighteenth century and Modernism.

Table of contents

Introduction: “Dandy Paradoxes”
David Pascoe

The Machine Aesthetic in Joyce and De Stijl
David Spurr
From Dowel to Tesseract: Joyce and De Stijl from “Cyclops” to Finnegans Wake
Catherine Flynn

“A Great Future Behind Him”: Revisiting John F. Taylor’s Speech in “Aeolus” Revisited
So Onose

Bloom’s Dream Cottage and Crusoe’s Island: Man Caves
Austin Briggs

Joyce Among the Cockneys: The East End as Alternative London
Stephanie Boland

Babababblin’ Drolleries and Multilingual Phonologies: Developing a Multilingual Ethics of Embodiment through Finnegans Wake
Boriana A. Alexandrova

Wonderful Vocables: Joyce and the Neurolinguistics of Language Talent
Maria Kager

Felicitating the Whole of the Polis in Finnegans Wake
Sam Slote

Assimilating Shem into the Plural Polity: Burrus, Caseous, and Irish Free State Dairy Production
Philip Keel Geheber

“Behush the Bush. Whish!”: Silence, Loss, and Finnegans Wake
Katherine O’Callaghan

Waking “for an equality of relations”
Tim Conley

The Three Fates of the Finnegans Wake Notebook Research
Robbert-Jan Henkes

The Worldmaker’s Umwelt: The Cognitive Space between a Writer’s Library and the Publishing House
Dirk Van Hulle

List of contributors


Scholars of Joyce and Irish studies as well as of the history of art and design, cultural critics, manuscript and genetic critics, and linguists interested in multilingualism and dialects.