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Yongli Chemical Industries, 1917-1953


“When thinking about modern China’s chemical industry, forget not Fan Xudong,” so declared Mao Zedong publicly after 1949. Although Mao might have united front politics in mind when invoking Fan as a paragon of the national bourgeoisie, why would the chairman praise a champion of private enterprise? How did Fan Xudong and his colleagues build Yongli from scratch into one of the largest industrial conglomerates in modern China amid predatory foreign competition and domestic strife? What were his secrets of success? Drawing from company documents, government archives, and personal correspondences, this book traces Yongli’s birth, growth, nationalization, and how Fan and his colleagues pursued a third path of national development between for-profit private enterprise and state ownership.

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Kwan Man Bun, Ph.D. (1990), Stanford University, is Professor of History at the University of Cincinnati. He has published Beyond Market and Hierarchy, a companion volume to this work, as well as monographs and articles on modern Chinese urban, social, economic, business, and legal history.
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Chapter 1: Founding
Chapter 2: Salt in, Salt out
Chapter 3: Tolerable for All?
Chapter 4: The Politics and Economics of Ammonium Sulfate
Chapter 5: Creative Financing and Reorganization
Chapter 6: At War
Chapter 7: Dilemmas
Chapter 8: Crisis and Nationalization
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All interested in modern Chinese history, and anyone concerned with economic development, nationalism, and technology transfer.
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