Patriotic Cooperation

The Border Services of the Church of Christ in China and Chinese Church-State Relations, 1920s to 1950s


In Patriotic Cooperation, Diana Junio offers an account of a cooperative venture between the Nationalist government and the Church of Christ in China, known as the Border Service Department, that carried out substantial social programs from 1939 to 1955 in China’s Southwestern border areas.

Numerous scholars have argued that Chinese state-religion relations have been characterized primarily by conflict and antagonism. By examining the history of cooperation seen in the Border Service Department case, Diana Junio contends that these relations have not always been antagonistic; on the contrary, under certain conditions the state and the church could achieve a mutually beneficial goal through successful cooperation, with a strong degree of sincerity on both sides.

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Biographical Note
Diana Junio, Ph.D. (2011), was Assistant Professor of History at Regent University (2011-2016), and now works for Radio Free Asia. She has written a number of articles on China, and started her second book project about Watchman Nee.
Review Quotes
"Dr. Diana Junio has given us a thoroughly researched, welldocumented, and carefully written account of the Border Service Department, a strategic venture founded by the Chinese Church of Christ and the Nationalist Regime to advance evangelistic and development work among ethnic populations in southwestern China during the Second World War. The rich empirical findings and analytical insights should appeal to scholars interested in the political, military, sociocultural and religious history of Republican China.”
— Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Pace University
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Chapter 1 The Establishment of the Church of Christ in China
Chapter 2 From Petition to Cooperation
Chapter 3 The Cooperative Creation of the Border Service Department
Chapter 4 Serving the Border Peoples with a Wartime Agenda
Chapter 5 The Challenges and New Focus in the Bsd’s Postwar Services
Chapter 6 Embedding Evangelism within the Border Service Program
Chapter 7 Different Regimes, the Same Patriotism

Although an academic book, all interested in the history of Christianity in China, particularly those concerned with the Church-state relations in China, will find this book helpful.
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