The Arabic Translation and Commentary of Yefet ben ʿEli the Karaite on the Book of Job

Karaite Texts and Studies, Volume 12


Author: Arik Sadan
This volume consists of an edition of the Arabic translation and commentary on the book of Job by one of the preeminent litterateurs of the Karaite “Golden Age” (10th–11th centuries), Yefet ben ʿEli ha-Levi. Yefet’s complete translation and commentary on Job, published for the first time, provides fascinating insight into the history and development of exegetical thought on this book, both among the Karaites as well as the Rabbanites. In preparing this edition, all extant twenty-five manuscripts have been consulted, most of them from the Firkovitch Collection. Their length varies from 1 to 340 folios and in total they contain ca. 2,850 folios.

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Arik Sadan Ph.D. (2010), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is senior lecturer at Shalem College in Jerusalem. His research fields are Arabic grammatical thought, Arabic linguistics and Judaeo-Arabic. He published three books and several articles in these fields.

The Manuscripts Employed for the Present Edition
 1  Description of the Manuscripts
 2  Relationship of the Manuscripts and the Editing Process
 3  Signs, Sigla and Abbreviations Employed in the Edited Text


Yefet ben ʿEli’s Commentary on Job
פרק א
פרק ב
פרק ג
פרק ד
פרק ה
פרק ו
פרק ז
פרק ח
פרק ט
פרק י
פרק יא
פרק יב
פרק יג
פרק יד
פרק טו
פרק טז
פרק יז
פרק יח
פרק יט
פרק כ
פרק כא
פרק כב
פרק כג
פרק כד
פרק כה
פרק כו
פרק כז
פרק כח
פרק כט
פרק ל
פרק לא
פרק לב
פרק לג
פרק לד
פרק לה
פרק לו
פרק לז
פרק לח
פרק לט
פרק מ
פרק מא
פרק מב

Index of Manuscripts
Index of Scriptural References—Hebrew Bible
General Index
All those interested in exegesis of the book of Job, Karaite exegesis and philosophy, the history of Jewish Bible translation and exegesis, and Judaeo-Arabic literature.