Jewish and Christian Communal Identities in the Roman World


Jews and Christians under the Roman Empire shared a unique sense of community. Set apart from their civic and cultic surroundings, both groups resisted complete assimilation into the dominant political and social structures. However, Jewish communities differed from their Christian counterparts in their overall patterns of response to the surrounding challenges. They exhibit diverse levels of integration into the civic fabric of the cities of the Empire and display contrary attitudes towards the creation of trans-local communal networks. The variety of local case studies examined in this volume offers an integrated image of the multiple factors, both internal and external, which determined the role of communal identity in creating a sense of belonging among Jews and Christians under Imperial constraints.

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Yair Furstenberg, Ph.D. (2011) is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Jewish History at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He has published on purity in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity and on rabbinic responses to the Roman Empire.
' ...Elf Beiträge ausgewiesener Experten, die wichtige Ansätze für eine vergleichende Geschichte von jüdischer und christlicher Gemeindeorganisation in der Antike herausarbeiten. [...] Insgesamt handelt es sich um eine gut organisierte Sammlung von Texten auf durchweg hohem Niveau, die überdies durch ein Sachregister gut erschlossen werden kann.' - Benedikt Eckhardt, Bremen, in: Theologische Revue Nr 3 Jahrgang 113, 2017
This is a stimulating, well-edited volume and will be useful to a wide range of ancient historians and scholars of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity. The range of methods, sources and macro-/micro-historical perspectives employed is admirably wide. - Bradley J. Bitner, in: BMCR

Introduction: The Shared Dimensions of Jewish and Christian Communal Identities
Yair Furstenberg

Part I: Imperial Perspectives
The Ptolemaic and Roman Definitions of Social Categories and the Evolution of Judean Communal Identity in Egypt
Sylvie Honigman

The Roman State and Jewish Diaspora Communities in the Antonine Age
Martin Goodman

Part II: Community and the City
Civic Identity and Christ Groups
John S. Kloppenborg

Organized Charity in the Ancient World: Pagan, Jewish, Christian
Pieter W. van der Horst

The Fourth Book of Maccabees in a Multi-Cultural City
Tessa Rajak

Part III: Varieties of Communal Identities
Rome and Alexandria: Why was there no Jewish Politeuma in Rome?
Daniel R. Schwartz

From Text to Community: Methodological Problems of Reconstructing Communities behind Texts
Jörg Frey

Lycaonian Christianity under Roman Rule and their Jewish-Christian Tradition
Cilliers Breytenbach

Part IV: Community and Continuity
The Jewish Community in Egypt before and after 117 CE in Light of Old and New Papyri
Tal Ilan

Jewish Communities in the Roman Diaspora: Why Salo Baron Still Matters?
Seth Schwartz

“You are a Chosen Stock . . .”: The Use of Israel Epithets for the Addressees in First Peter
Lutz Doering

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All interested in the history of Jews and Christians under the Roman Empire and in their respective ideologies and organizational patterns during the first three centuries CE.