A Companion to Early Modern Rome, 1492-1692


This volume, edited by Pamela M. Jones, Barbara Wisch, and Simon Ditchfield, focuses on Rome from 1492-1692, an era of striking renewal: demographic, architectural, intellectual, and artistic. Rome’s most distinctive aspects--including its twin governments (civic and papal), unique role as the seat of global Catholicism, disproportionately male population, and status as artistic capital of Europe--are examined from numerous perspectives. This book of 30 chapters, intended for scholars and students across the academy, fills a noteworthy gap in the literature. It is the only multidisciplinary study of 16th- and 17th-century Rome that synthesizes and critiques past and recent scholarship while offering innovative analyses of a wide range of topics and identifying new avenues for research.

Contributors are: Renata Ago, Elisa Andretta, Katherine Aron-Beller, Lisa Beaven, Eleonora Canepari, Christopher Carlsmith, Patrizia Cavazzini, Elizabeth S. Cohen, Thomas V. Cohen, Jeffrey Collins, Simon Ditchfield, Anna Esposito, Federica Favino, Daniele V. Filippi, Irene Fosi, Kenneth Gouwens, Giuseppe Antonio Guazzelli, John M. Hunt, Pamela M. Jones, Carla Keyvanian, Margaret A. Kuntz, Stephanie C. Leone, Evelyn Lincoln, Jessica Maier, Laurie Nussdorfer, Toby Osborne, Miles Pattenden, Denis Ribouillault, Katherine W. Rinne, Minou Schraven, John Beldon Scott, Barbara Wisch, Arnold A. Witte.

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Biographical Note

Pamela M. Jones, Ph.D. (1985), Brown University, is Professor Emerita of Art History at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her books include Altarpieces and Their Viewers in the Churches of Rome from Caravaggio to Guido Reni (Ashgate, 2008).

Barbara Wisch, Ph.D. (1985), University of California, Berkeley, is Professor Emerita of Art History at SUNY Cortland. Her publications include the co-authored Acting on Faith: The Confraternity of the Gonfalone in Renaissance Rome (Saint Joseph's University Press, 2013).

Simon Ditchfield, Ph.D. (1991), Warburg Institute, is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of York (UK). Papacy and Peoples: The Making of Roman Catholicism as a World Religion, 1500-1700 is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

Table of contents

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Pamela M. Jones, Barbara Wisch and Simon Ditchfield

part 1: Urbi et Orbi: Governing the City and International Politics

1 A Civic Identity
Eleonora Canepari and Laurie Nussdorfer

2 The Roman Curia
Miles Pattenden

3 Diplomatic Culture in Early Modern Rome
Toby Osborne

4 Liturgical, Ritual, and Diplomatic Spaces at St. Peter’s and the Vatican Palace: the Innovations of Paul IV, Urban VIII, and Alexander VII
Margaret A. Kuntz

5 Rome and the Vacant See
John M. Hunt

6 Justice and Crime
Elizabeth S. Cohen and Thomas V. Cohen

7 Romanus and Catholicus: Counter-Reformation Rome as Caput Mundi
Simon Ditchfield

8 Celebrating New Saints in Rome and Across the Globe
Pamela M. Jones

part 2: When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do: Living in the City and Campagna

9 The Plural City: Urban Spaces and Foreign Communities
Irene Fosi

10 Rome’s Economic Life, 1492–1692
Renata Ago

11 “Charitable” Assistance between Lay Foundations and Pontifical Initiatives
Anna Esposito

12 Building Brotherhood: Confraternal Piety, Patronage, and Place
Barbara Wisch

13 Ghettoization: the Papal Enclosure and its Jews
Katherine Aron-Beller

14 Roma Theatrum Mundi: Festivals and Processions in the Ritual City
Minou Schraven

15 Roma Sonora: an Atlas of Roman Sounds and Musics
Daniele V. Filippi

part 3: Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: Mapping, Planning, Building, and Display

16 Mapping Rome’s Rebirth
Jessica Maier

17 Papal Urban Planning and Renewal: Real and Ideal, c.1471–1667
Carla Keyvanian

18 Renovatio Aquae: Aqueducts, Fountains, and the Tiber River in Early Modern Rome
Katherine W. Rinne

19 Palace Architecture and Decoration in Early Modern Rome
Stephanie C. Leone

20 The Cultural Landscape of the Villa in Early Modern Rome
Denis Ribouillault

21 Elite Patronage and Collecting
Lisa Beaven

22 Middle-Class Patronage, Collecting, and the Art Market
Patrizia Cavazzini

23 Roman Church Architecture: the Early Modern Facade
John Beldon Scott

24 Scale, Space, and Spectacle: Church Decoration in Rome, 1500–1700
Arnold A. Witte

part 4: Ars longa, vita brevis: Intellectual Life in the Eternal City

25 The Three Rs: Education in Early Modern Rome
Christopher Carlsmith

26 Institutions and Dynamics of Learned Exchange
Kenneth Gouwens

27 Scientific and Medical Knowledge in Early Modern Rome
Elisa Andretta and Federica Favino

28 Roman Antiquities and Christian Archaeology
Giuseppe Antonio Guazzelli

29 Printers and Publishers in Early Modern Rome
Evelyn Lincoln

30 Sites and Sightseers: Rome through Foreign Eyes
Jeffrey Collins

Appendix: List of Popes, 1492–1692


Everyone interested in multidisciplinary perspectives on early modern Rome's political, religious, social, intellectual, and cultural life, especially scholars and students across the academy.

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