Circling Marx: Essays 1980-2020


Author: Peter Beilharz
Karl Marx circles us, and we him. This reflects the power of his legacy, but it also indicates the nature of the intellectual process. We move around objects of interest and insight, working by successive approximations. Peter Beilharz has been circling Marx for forty years. This volume of essays expands the metaphor by working through three circles in the history of Marxism. The first works with Marx; the second with the classical legacy, through to Bolshevism and western marxism ; the third steps closer to the present , in thinkers such as Bauman , Heller and Castoriadis. Read together, these essays represent a lifetime’s engagement with Marx and his intellectual consequences.

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Peter Beilharz, Ph.D. (1984), Monash University, is Professor at Curtin University in Western Australia and at Sichuan University in the People's Republic of China. He has published 28 books and 200 papers on socialism and culture. He founded the journal Thesis Eleven in 1980.
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Circling Marx: An Introduction

First Circle

1 Karl Marx (1992)

2 Marxism and History (1981)

3 Negation and Ambivalence: Marx, Simmel and Bolshevism on Money (1996)

4 Marx, Modernity and Motion (2011)

5 The Marxist Legacy (2011)

Second Circle

6 Socialism: Modern Hopes, Postmodern Shadows (2001)

7 Social Democracy: Kautsky and Bernstein (1992)

8 Edward Bellamy: Looking Back at American Socialism in the Nineteenth Century (2003)

9 The Other Trotsky (1982)

10 The Young Trotsky (1991)

11 Isaac Deutscher – History and Necessity (1986)

12 Political Economy and Transition: Ernest Mandel (1987)

13 Daniel Bell – American Menshevik (2013)

Third Circle

14 Nicos Poulantzas and Marxist Theory (1980)

15 Louis Althusser (1992)

16 Prehistoric Modes of Textual Production, or, Books Begat by Other Books: Hindess and Hirst (2011)

17 The Decline of Western Marxism: Trotsky, Gramsci, Althusser (2003)

18 Review of Cornelius Castoriadis, Political and Social Writings (1989)

19 Budapest Central: Agnes Heller’s Theory of Modernity (2003)

20 Agnes Heller’s Theory of Modernity (2009)

21 Ferenc Fehér and Political Theory – Notes for a Biographer (1995)

22 Critical Theory – Jürgen Habermas (1995)

23 Bernard Smith: The Quality of Marxism (2013)

24 Zygmunt Bauman (1925

25 Zygmunt Bauman (2011)

26 Socialisms, Sublime and Sensible (1994)

27 Thesis Eleven – Editorial Number One (1980)

28 Thesis Eleven – Countereditorial, Number 100 (2010)

Postgraduates and scholars in Marx and Marxism; readers interested in the new Marx revival.