Hebrew Lexical Semantics and Daily Life in Ancient Israel

What's Cooking in Biblical Hebrew?


In Hebrew Lexical Semantics and Daily Life in Ancient Israel, Kurtis Peters hitches the world of Biblical Studies to that of modern linguistic research. Often the insights of linguistics do not appear in the study of Biblical Hebrew, and if they do, the theory remains esoteric.

Peters finds a way to maintain linguistic integrity and yet simplify cognitive linguistic methods to provide non-specialists an access point. By employing a cognitive approach one can coordinate the world of the biblical text with the world of its surroundings. The language of cooking affords such a possibility – Peters evaluates not only the words or lexemes related to cooking in the Hebrew Bible, but also the world of cooking as excavated by archaeology.

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Kurtis Peters, Ph.D. (2014), University of Edinburgh, teaches Hebrew Bible and Biblical Hebrew language at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
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' ...for the student of Biblical Studies, historian or archaeologist, this book is both interesting and informative.'

Michael Glasby, University of Edinburgh, The Expository Times 128 (10)
All interested in the study of Biblical Hebrew, particularly in lexical semantics and lexicography, or of daily life in Ancient Israel.
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