The Mischievous Muse: Extant Poetry and Prose by Ibn Quzmān of Córdoba (d. AH 555/AD 1160)


The first part of this work includes all the known works of the twelfth-century Andalusi author Ibn Quzmān, most of which are zajal poems composed in the colloquial dialect of Andalus. They have been edited in a Romanized transliteration, and are accompanied by a facing-page English prose translation, along with notes and commentaries intended to elucidate matters relevant to each poem. In the second part of the work, sixteen chapters are devoted to analyzing specific poems from a literary perspective, in order to delve into their meaning and, thereby, explain the poet’s literary goals.

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Biographical Note

James T. Monroe: Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures (1964), Harvard University, has published monographs, books, translations, and numerous articles on the Arabic literature of Andalus.


Those interested in Arabic literature in general, and that of Andalus in particular, Comparatists, Hispanists, and Romanists interested in the literary interactions between the medieval Iberian Peninsula and the Arab world. Islamic scholars and students of poetry.


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