The George Hicks Collection

at the National Library, Singapore

Editor: Eunice Low
The George Hicks Collection at the National Library, Singapore, comprises about 6,900 books and materials donated between 200 and 2015 by Mr George Lyndon Hicks.

The Collection focuses on four main subject areas – Southeast Asia, China, Japan and overseas Chinese – spanning the disciplines of history, sociology, economics, political science and anthropology. The body of works in the Collection reveals Mr Hicks’ profound interest
in Asia and his scholarly pursuits over the decades.

This volume, written and compiled by Eunice Low, presents an annotated bibliography of selected works from the Collection and highlights significant titles. Also included are an overview of the life and career of Mr Hicks, a list of his authored and edited works, as well as essays introducing the chapters.
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Biographical Note

Born in 1936 in Melbourne, Australia, eminent writer and economist George Lyndon Hicks is the author/editor of more than a dozen books, including the groundbreaking The Comfort Women: Sex Slaves of the Japanese Imperial Forces (1995). In 2009 he was recognised as a distinguished donor of the National Library.

Eunice Low is an independent researcher who has worked in the library and information services sector for more than 15 years. She holds a Master of Science degree in information management from the University of Sheffield and previously worked at the National Library Board, Singapore (NLB). During her time at NLB, she developed heritage content and services, including the setting up of donor collections. She has also researched and written about a broad range of subjects, including the social sciences, government information and natural history.


For all interested in the history and culture of Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and overseas Chinese, including sociology, economics, political science, and anthropology.


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