The Language and Literature of the New Testament

Essays in Honor of Stanley E. Porter’s 60th Birthday


In The Language and Literature of the New Testament, a team of international scholars assembles to honour the academic career of New Testament scholar Stanley E. Porter. Over the years Porter has distinguished himself in a wide range of sub-disciplines within New Testament Studies. The contents of this book represent these diverse scholarly interests, ranging from canon and textual criticism to linguistics, other interpretive methodologies, Jesus and the Gospels, and Pauline studies.
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Biographical Note

Lois Fuller Dow, Ph.D. (McMaster Divinity College), is Professor Emeritus of New Testament and Greek at McMaster Divinity College. She has authored or edited a number of scholarly publications, including the publication of her doctoral dissertation, Images of Zion: Biblical Antecedents for the New Jerusalem (Sheffield Phoenix, 2010).

Craig A. Evans, Ph.D. (Claremont Graduate University), is Dean of the School of Christian Thought and John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University. Dr. Evans has published more than 600 scholarly studies, including more than 70 books.

Andrew W. Pitts, Ph.D. (McMaster Divinity College), is Chair of the Biblical Studies Department and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Arizona Christian University. He has authored or edited several peer-reviewed chapters, articles, and books, including most recently, with Stanley E. Porter, Fundamentals of Textual Criticism (Eerdmans, 2015).

Review Quotes

"In all, this volume provides a stimulating variety of contributions in many areas of NT study, and as such constitutes a fitting tribute to a scholar whose own influential contribution to the field has truly ranged far and wide."

Simon Crisp, University of Birmingham, U.K.