A Grammar of rGyalrong, Jiǎomùzú (Kyom-kyo) Dialects

A Web of Relations


Author: Marielle Prins
A Grammar of rGyalrong, Jiǎomùzú (Kyom-kyo) dialects. A Web of Relations is the first full length description in English of a rGyalrong language. Marielle Prins describes the phonology, morphology and syntax for one variety of these under-researched and threatened languages. From a host of examples and texts emerges a clear picture of natural language use, creating an enduring record and a great resource for comparative and diachronic linguists. Careful analysis of the data uncovers the web of relations between individuals and all entities in their environment, to which the rGyalrong people attach great importance. The informative, clear style of writing makes this book a treasure trove for linguists as well as other interested readers.

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Marielle Prins, Ph.D. (2011), Leiden University (Holland), works in the field of Tibet Studies. To date she has edited a dictionary, a collection of rGyalrong texts and a language survey and authored several papers on language, identity and social change.
All interested in comparative and diachronic linguistics and language typology, especially those concerned with rGyalrongic languages, Tibeto-Burman, and people migrations in Asia.