Religious Dynamics under the Impact of Imperialism and Colonialism

A Sourcebook


This sourcebook offers rare insights into a formative period in the modern history of religions. Throughout the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, when commercial, political and cultural contacts intensified worldwide, politics and religions became ever more entangled. This volume offers a wide range of translated source texts from all over Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, thereby diminishing the difficulty of having to handle the plurality of involved languages and backgrounds. The ways in which the original authors, some prominent and others little known, thought about their own religion, its place in the world and its relation to other religions, allows for much needed insight into the shared and analogous challenges of an age dominated by imperialism and colonialism.

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Biographical Note

Marion Eggert, Ph.D. (1992), Munich University (LMU), is Professor of Korean Studies at Ruhr University Bochum. Her recent publications include Religion and Secularity: Transformations and Transfers of Religious Discourses in Europe and Asia, coedited with Lucian Hölscher (2013).

Björn Bentlage, Ph. D. (2016), Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), is a post-doc at MLU. His publications on contemporary law and society in Egypt include A Tale with Two Stories (forthcoming 2016).

Hans Martin Krämer, Ph.D. (2005), Ruhr University Bochum, is Professor of Japanese Studies at Heidelberg University. His publications on modern Japanese history include Shimaji Mokurai and the Reconception of Religion and the Secular (2015).

Stefan Reichmuth, Ph.D. (1983), Free University Berlin, is Senior Professor of Oriental (Arabic and Islamic) Studies at Ruhr University Bochum. His recent publications include Muslim Bodies: Body, Sexuality and Medicine in Muslim Societies, coedited with Susanne Kurz and Claudia Preckel (2016).

Contributers are: Jörg Albrecht, Katajun Amirpur, Christoph Auffart, Björn Bentlage, Torkel Brekke, Sven Bretfeld, Johann Büssow, Sarah Büssow-Schmitz, Markus Dressler, Marvin Döbler, Marion Eggert, Helen A. Findley, Amal Ghazal, Görge K. Hasselhoff, Paul Hedges, Elisabeth Hollender, Dermot Killingley, Jonathan Korbel, Hans Martin Krämer, John S. LoBreglio, Donald S. Lopez, Jr., Al Makin, Arie L. Molendijk, Valentina Munz, Gotelind Müller, Andreas Müller-Lee, Claudia Preckel, Stefan Reichmuth, Heiner Roetz, Oliver Scharbrodt, Knut Martin Stünkel, Aslam Syed, Sven Trakulhun, Gauri Viswanathan, Leyla von Mende, and Helmut Zander.


All interested in the modern history of religion and the entangled relations and developments during the early thrust of globalisation brought on during the colonial age.

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