The Wycliffite Bible: Origin, History and Interpretation


The Wycliffite Bible: Origin, History and Interpretation brings together contributions by leading scholars on different aspects of the first complete translation of the Bible into English, produced at the end of the 14th century by the followers of the Oxford theologian John Wyclif. Though learned and accurate, the translation was condemned and banned within twenty-five years of its appearance. In spite of this it became the most widely disseminated medieval English work that profoundly influenced the development of vernacular theology, religious writing, contemporary and later literature, and the English language. Its comprehensive study is long overdue and the current collection offers new perspectives and research on this, the most learned and widely evidenced of the European translations of the Vulgate.
Contributors are Jeremy Catto‎, Lynda Dennison, Kantik Ghosh, Ralph Hanna, Anne Hudson, Maureen Jurkowski, Michael Kuczynski, Ian Christopher Levy, James Morey, Nigel Morgan, Stephen Morrison, Mark Rankin, Delbert Russell, Michael Sargent, Jakub Sichalek, Elizabeth Solopova, and Annie Sutherland‎.

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Elizabeth Solopova is a Research Fellow at the English Faculty and New College, University of Oxford. She has published widely on Old and Middle English literature, including Manuscripts of the Wycliffite Bible in the Bodleian and Oxford College Libraries (Liverpool, 2016).
Acknowledgements ix
List of Illustrations x
Abbreviations xii
Bibliographic Abbreviations xiv
Abbreviations for Biblical Books xviii
Notes on Contributors xxi
Introduction: New Directions in Research on the First English Bible 1
Elizabeth Solopova
Part 1
1 The Wycliffite Bible: The Historical Context 11
Jeremy Catto
2 The Place of Holy Scripture in John Wyclif’s Theology 27
Ian Christopher Levy
3 The European Background: ‘þe Bible and oþere bookis of deuociun and
of exposicioun’ in French 49
Delbert Russell
4 European Background: Czech Translations 66
Jakub Sichalek
5 The Wycliffites: Hosts or Guests, First Finders or Followers? 85
James H. Morey
Part 2
6 The Latin Text 107
Anne Hudson and Elizabeth Solopova
7 The Origin and Textual Tradition of the Wycliffite Bible 133
Anne Hudson
8 The Prologues 162
Kantik Ghosh
9 The Wycliffite Psalms 183
Annie Sutherland
10 Dialect 202
Elizabeth Solopova
Part 3
11 The Manuscript Tradition 223
Elizabeth Solopova
12 The Palaeography of the Wycliffite Bibles in Oxford 246
Ralph Hanna
13 The Decoration of Wycliffite Bibles 266
Lynda Dennison and Nigel Morgan
14 Glossing and Glosses 346
Michael P. Kuczynski
Part 4
15 The Selective Censorship of the Wycliffite Bible 371
Maureen Jurkowski
16 Nicholas Love’s Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ 389
Michael G. Sargent
17 The Use of the Wycliffite Translation in Other Middle English
Texts 406
Stephen Morrison
18 Reading the Wycliffite Bible in Reformation England 426
Mark Rankin
19 Editing the Wycliffite Bible 450
Anne Hudson
Select Bibliography 467
Index of Manuscripts of the Wycliffite Bible 484
Index of Names, Places, and Texts 493
Researchers and graduate students working in the fields of literature, history and theology.