Life-Practice Educology

A Contemporary Chinese Theory of Education


Author: Lan Ye
Translator: Lijuan Li
In Life-Practice Educology: A Contemporary Chinese Theory of Education Ye Lan presents the theory of a contemporary Chinese school of Educology. It consists of two main parts. The first part proposes a fully formulated view on Life-Practice School of Educology and expounds on current thinking in China that denies the independence of educology as a discipline. The second part explains both inherited and new understandings of the Life-Practice School of Educology, covering Chinese traditional culture and the current debate. It further refines the Chinese understanding of Education (jiaoyu 教育) as teaching the knowledge of nature and society, and cultivating a self-conciousness towards life.

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Ye Lan, a tenured professor at East China Normal University (ECNU), is the founder of and a leading scholar in Chinese “New Basic Education” research and “Life-Practice” Educology. She has published many monographs and articles on Education.
Foreword: Reforming Education, Reforming Society
Preface by the Author
List of Figures and Tables
Brief Introduction of the Book
About the Author

1 Introduction: Life-Practice School of Educology: Coming into Being through Recurrence and Breakthroughs
 1 The Social Background and Timing for the Establishment of the School
 2 A Retrospective Analysis of the Formation of the Life-Practice School

Part 1: Educology Perspective of the “Life-Practice” School

2 Historical Revolution and Revisit of Disciplinary Views in the West: Elaboration of the Prerequisite Understanding
 1 The Ancient Classic Formation Period: Disciplinary Views of Aristotle and Characteristics of the Views
 2 The Modern Classical Period: the Disciplinary Views of Francis Bacon
 3 The Modern Explosion Period: the Contemporary Renewal of Disciplinary Views

3 Promoting Disciplinary Independence: the Foundation of Contemporary Development of Educology
 1 Types and Review of Negative Opinions on the Independence of Educology
 2 Enhance Academic Confidence and Consciousness of Chinese Educology Scholars
 3 Clarification of Research Object, Disciplinary Nature and Methodology

Part 2: Education Perspective of the “Life-Practice” School

4 Education: Big Events That Change Human
 1 “What Is Education?”: Multi Level Conceptual Definitions
 2 “What Is Education”—the Genetic Interpretation
 3 “Genetic” Interpretation of the “Life-Practice” School of Educology

5 Teaching the Knowledge of Nature and Society, Cultivating the Self-Consciousness of Life
 1 Traits of Chinese Cultural Tradition
 2 The Educational Spirit and Wisdom Embedded in Chinese Cultural Tradition
 3 Look Back on the Past and Ahead to the Future: Changes, Continuity and Regeneration of Cultural and Educational Tradition
 4 Today’s New Interpretation: Teaching the Knowledge of Nature and Society; Cultivating the Self-Consciousness of Life

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