The English Province of the Franciscans (1224-c.1350)


Editor: Michael Robson
This volume explores the rich diversity of the Franciscan contribution to the life of the order and its ministry throughout England between 1224 and c. 1350. The 21 contributions examine the friars’ impact across the different strata of English society, from the parish churches, the missions, the royal courts and the universities. Friars were ubiquitous in England throughout this period and they participated in various programmes of renewal.
Contributors are (in order of appearance) Amanda Power, Philippa M. Hoskin, Jens Röhrkasten, Michael F. Custato, OFM, Michael W. Blastic, OFM, Jean-François Godet-Calogeras, Peter V. Loewen, Lesley Smith, Eleonora Lombardo, Nigel Morgan, Cecilia Panti, Hubert Philipp Weber, Timothy J. Johnson, Mary Beth Ingham, CSJ, Takashi Shogimen, Susan J. Ridyard, Michael J. Haren, Christian Steer,
Anna Campbell, and Michael J. P. Robson.
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Biographical Note

Michael J.P. Robson, Ph.D, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and an Emeritus Fellow of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, has written four books on St Francis, the Franciscan order and the history of the English province and has edited or co-edited four more. He is currently completing A History of the Franciscans in England, 1224-1539.


This volume will be of interest to students and scholars of the religious orders in the Middle Ages, especially the history of the Franciscan order and its impact on England.


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