Sustainable Development and the Law of the Sea


Editor: Zou Keyuan
The concept of sustainable development is created to coordinate the relationship between resource uses and environmental protection. Environmental protection is necessary to achieve the goal of sustainable resource uses and economic benefits deriving from resources can provide the conditions in which environmental protection can best be achieved. Sustainable Development and the Law of the Sea offers international legal perspectives on ocean uses including fisheries management, sustainable use of marine non-living resources, and marine protected areas in the context of sustainable development. Pushing that sustainability is a requirement for ocean use as well as for the establishment and development of the world marine legal order, the volume provides a useful reference for policy-makers and the international legal community and for all those interested in ocean governance.
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Biographical Note

Keyuan Zou, PhD in International Law (1989), is Harris Professor of International Law at the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. He has published extensively in the field of international law, in particular, the law of the sea.

Review Quotes

“[This] volume is a useful tool for scholars and practitioners, intended as a broad survey of the sustainable use of the seas and the associated concerns and questions.”
- Gemma Andreone, Institute for International Legal Studies, National Research Council of Italy

Table of contents

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Part I Introduction

1. Sustainable Development and the Law of the Sea: An Introduction
Keyuan Zou

Part II UNCLOS and Greening Ocean Governance

2. Thinking the Unthinkable: Asia-Pacific Perspectives on the Revision of the UNCLOS
Seokwoo Lee

3. Can the Contiguous Zone be Used for Environmental Protection Purposes?
Warwick Gullett

Part III Sustainable Fishery Management

4. A Study on the Experiences in Managing Regional Fishery Resources in East Asia
Kuan-Hsiung Wang

5. The Right Hook?: Mainstreaming Detection Technology to End Global Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing
Anastasia Telesetsky

Part IV Non-Living Resources Development and Environment Protection

6. Environmental Law Principles in the European Union Legislation Governing Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe

7. Non-living Resources in Disputed Areas in the East China Sea: Law and Policy Issues concerning Provisional Arrangements under the UNCLOS
Robert Beckman and Tara Davenport

8. Environmentally Sustainable Seabed Activities in the South China Sea
Vasco Becker-Weinberg

Part V Management of Marine Protected Areas

9. Marine Protected Areas in ABNJ versus the Principle of High Seas Freedom: Possible Pathway from the OSPAR Experience
Yao Huang and Pham Tran Vuong

10. Establishment and Management of MPAs in ABNJ: A Chinese Perspective
Jinpeng Wang and Tianbao Qin

11. The Ecosystem Approach to International Marine Management under International Law: A Case Study of the East China Sea
Chen-Ju Chen

Part VI Climate Change and Energy Security

12. Climate Change and the Law of the Sea: Challenges of the Sea Level Rise and the Protection of the Affected States
Julia Guifang Xue

13. Marine Renewable Energy—What Issues a Lawyer Should Possibly Think of?
Yen-Chiang Chang


This volume provides a useful reference to policy and law makers, students and researchers, and the public for the realization of the goals of sustainable development.


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