A Companion to Marina Cvetaeva

Approaches to a Major Russian Poet


Marina Cvetaeva is one of the best-known Russian poets of the 20th century, often translated and studied in a copious scholarly literature. With articles on Cvetaeva’s biography and her relationship with visual arts, drama, folklore, music, translation and the work of other poets, this volume offers both a valuable overview of scholarly approaches to her work today and a way to enter specific aspects of her writing and career. Contributors include both foremost established scholars of Cvetaeva’s work and young scholars taking new approaches and discovering neglected artifacts and topics. Scholars who do not read Russian will find this collection of value, as will advanced students of Russian literature, poetry, and women’s writing.

Contributors include Molly Thomasy Blasing, Karen Evans-Romaine, Sibelan Forrester, Karin Grelz, Olga Peters Hasty, Maria Khotimsky, Olga Partan, and Alexandra Smith

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Biographical Note
Sibelan Forrester is Professor of Russian at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, USA. She received her PhD with a dissertation on Marina Cvetaeva’s Self-Definition as a Woman Poet from Indiana University in 1990.

Review Quotes
"What is particularly welcome here is the variety of angles from which Marina Cvetaeva's work is considered. Some of the topics under consideration, e.g. music and the visual arts, have not previously been discussed to a very great extent in relation to the poet, so this volume offers new perspectives on her work and aesthetic outlook. Also opening up new perspectives are the chapters on Cvetaeva and the theatre, and Cvetaeva and translation." – anonymous reviewer
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Introduction: Marina Cvetaeva in the Twenty-First Century (Sibelan Forrester)

Chapter 1. Cvetaeva’s Biography (Karin Grelz)

Chapter 2. Marina Cvetaeva on Influence and Other Russian Poets (Olga Peters Hasty)

Chapter 3. Marina Cvetaeva and Folklore (Sibelan Forrester)

Chapter 4. Marina Cvetaeva and Theater (Olga Partan)

Chapter 5. Marina Cvetaeva and Music (Karen Evans-Romaine)

Chapter 6. Marina Cvetaeva in Translation and as a Translator of Poetry (Maria Khotimsky)

Chapter 7. Marina Cvetaeva and the Visual Arts (Molly Thomasy Blasing)

Chapter 8. Marina Cvetaeva in the Artistic Imagination of Russian Poets of the 1960s-1990s (Alexandra Smith)

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Scholars, students and general readers interested in Russian poetry, early 20th-century Russian culture, women’s writing, and Marina Cvetaeva in particular.
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