The Non-Aligned Movement: Genesis, Organization and Politics (1927-1992)


The Non-Aligned Movement had an important impact on the history of decolonization, South-South cooperation, the Global Cold War and the North-South conflict. During the 20th century nearly all Asian, African and Latin American countries joined the movement to make their voice heard in global politics. In The Non-Aligned Movement, Jürgen Dinkel examines for the first time the history of the NAM since the interwar period as a special reaction of the “Global South” to changing global orders. The study shows breaks and caesurae as well as continuities in the history of globalization and analyses the history of international relations from a non-western perspective. For this book, empirical research was undertaken in Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia, Russia, Serbia, and the United States.

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Jürgen Dinkel, Ph.D. (2013), Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, is Assistant Professor („wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter“) at the University of Leipzig. He has published widely on the history of colonialism and decolonization, the Third World, the Global Cold War and the North-South conflict.
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