A Grammar of Nungon

A Papuan Language of Northeast New Guinea


A Grammar of Nungon is the most comprehensive modern reference grammar of a language of northeast Papua New Guinea. Nungon is a previously-undescribed Finisterre-Huon Papuan language spoken by about 1,000 people in the Saruwaged Mountains, Morobe Province. Hannah Sarvasy provides a rich description of the language in its cultural context, based on original immersion fieldwork. The exposition is extraordinarily thorough, covering phonetics, phonology, word classes, morphology, grammatical relations, switch-reference, valency, complex predicates, clause combining, possession, information structure, and the pragmatics of communication. Four complete interlinearized Nungon monologues and dialogues supplement the copious textual examples. A Grammar of Nungon sets a new standard of thoroughness for reference works on languages of this region.
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Biographical Note

Hannah S. Sarvasy, PhD (2015), James Cook University, is Research Fellow at the Australian National University. She has published on Nungon, Finisterre Papuan languages, and other topics, and taught at UCLA.


Papuanists, linguists, linguistic typologists, academic libraries, scholars of Melanesia, writers and readers of grammars, speakers of Nungon and related languages.