Dealing Art on Both Sides of the Atlantic, 1860-1940


Editor: Lynn Catterson
Dealing Art on Both Sides of the Atlantic, 1860-1940 aims to bring the marketplace dynamic into sharper focus with its essays which examine the many functionaries who participate in the art market network, among them, agents, scouts, intermediaries, restorers, fakers, decorators, advisers and experts. All of the essays are rooted in case studies which give voice to the various aspects of supply−from branding to marketing, from inventory to display, from restoration to pastiche to fabrication. Each is incredibly rich in their marshalling of primary sources and archival materials; in sum, they present an impressive array of new research.

Contributors are: Fae Brauer, Denise M. Budd, Patrizia Cappellini, Lynn Catterson, Sebastien Chaffour, Laura D. Corey, Flaminia Gennari-Santori, Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, Joanna Smalcerz, Alexandra Provo, AnnaLea Tunesi, and Leanne Zalewski.
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Biographical Note

Lynn Catterson, Ph.D. (2002) Columbia University. She has moved from the 15C and is currently working on the art market in 19C Florence from the point of view of production and social network via its preeminent dealer, Stefano Bardini.

Review Quotes

"The essays do indeed serve, as the editor hoped, to nuance the workings of the art market, showing that the actual sales and prices were the result of much careful negotiation and preparation." The Society for the History of Collecting, September 2017

Table of contents

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1. Introduction, Lynn Catterson

The Artist as Dealer
2. The Many Hats of Mary Cassatt: Artist, Advisor, Broker, Tastemaker, Laura D. Corey
3. The Misses Williams in Salem and Rome, Jacqueline Marie Musacchio

Dealers Shaping and Influencing Taste
4. “A Public-Spirited Merchant”: Samuel P. Avery, Art Dealer, Advisor, Philanthropist, Leanne Zalewski
5. Dealing with Cubism: Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler’s Perilous Internationalism, Fae Brauer

Supply Created by Dealer
6. Charles Mather Ffoulke and the Market for Tapestries in Late Nineteenth-Century America, Denise M. Budd
7. The Art Dealer and the Devil: Remarks on the Relationship of Elia Volpi and Wilhelm von Bode, Patrizia Cappellini

Demand Created by Dealers
8. An Imaginary Italy on the Shores of Florida: Paul Chalfin, Vizcaya and the International Market for Italian Decorative Arts in 1910s, Flaminia Gennari-Santori
9. Selling French Modern Art in the American Market: César de Hauke as Agent of Jacques Seligmann & Co., 1925–1940, Sébastien Chauffour

The Role of Photographs in the Selling of Art
10. Stefano Bardini and C.F. Walker, His London Agent, Annalea Tunesi
11. Surrogates and Intermediaries: The Informational Role of Photographs in the Art Market, Alexandra Provo

The Bureaucratic Network
12. A Lesson in Loopholes: Stefano Bardini, and the Export of the Botticelli Frescoes from Villa Lemmi, Joanna Smalcerz


Specialists and researchers interested in the history of the art market and the history of collecting, as well as cultural exchange at the turn of the 20th century.


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