Combining Economic and Political Development

The Experience of MENA


Editor: Giacomo Luciani
Since 2011, democratic transitions in the Middle East and North Africa have mostly failed to consolidate and have been hindered by the difficult economic heritage of previous authoritarian governments. Yet newly established democratic governments must deliver on the expectations of their people, especially the poorer strata, otherwise disillusionment may open the door to restoration of authoritarian rule. Can democracy succeed? Various ideas for economic policies that may help consolidate the early democratisation process are proposed in this volume, while major obstacles on the way to democratic success are also highlighted.

Contributors include: Alissa Amico, Laura El-Katiri, Philippe Fargues, Bassam Fattouh, Steffen Hertog, Giacomo Luciani, Samir Makdisi, Adeel Malik, Bassem Snaije, Robert Springborg, and Eckart Woertz.
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Giacomo Luciani leads the Master in International Energy at the Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po; and is adjunct professor of interdisciplinary studies at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. From 2010 to 2013 he was Princeton Global Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Department of Near Eastern Studies.

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1 Introduction: In Search of Economic Policies to Stabilise Democratic Transitions
Giacomo Luciani

2 Reflections on the Arab Uprisings
Samir Makdisi

3 Rethinking the Rentier Curse
Adeel Malik

4 Brief Political Economy of Energy Subsidies in the Middle East and North Africa
Laura El-Katiri and Bassam Fattouh

5 The political economy of distribution in the Middle East: is there scope for a new social contract?
Steffen Hertog

6 Arab States as Shareholders: Origins and Consequences
Alissa Amico

7 Can Finance and Credit Enable Economic Growth and Democracy?
Bassem Snaije

8 Agriculture and Development in the Wake of the Arab Spring
Eckart Woertz

9 Mass Migration and Uprisings in Arab countries: An Analytical Framework
Philippe Fargues

10 Egypt’s Economic Transition: Challenges and Prospects
Robert Springborg

11 Oil Rent and Regional Economic Development in MENA
Giacomo Luciani

Scholars and policy makers interested in MENA, democratic transition, economic and political development, reform and regional integration.