Jubilee in the Bible

Using the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann to Find a New Hermeneutic


The biblical message of Jubilee is becoming more credible in our days in dealing with the socio-economic and moral-spiritual issues of today’s world. It continues to exercise a powerful influence on the religious thoughts and actions of God’s people. In addition to that, this book reveals a new hermeneutical code of reading and interpreting the message of Jubilee. The synthesis of the exegetical analysis of the biblical texts regarding the Jubilee and Sabbath/Sabbath year and Moltmann’s understanding of this subject reveals the meaning and significance of the topic, how it is recognized, as well as its implications in today’s world. This synthesis reveals a new vision and starting point for socio-economic and moral-spiritual reform in our time.

“The biblical Sabbat / Jubilee-traditions are much richer than we thought. This book shows it. Theologically often neglected they are a source of new ideas to solve problems of human community and the ecology of the earth. That my theological works can be used to apply them today, is a surprise to me, a happy surprise.”
Jürgen Moltmann

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Biographical Note

Lidija Gunjević, Ph.D. (2014), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, is a teaching consultant at Westfield House, Cambridge, UK. She worked as a lecturer in Biblical Studies at the Theological Faculty Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Zagreb, Croatia, for six years until 2013. Lidija Gunjević has published several articles, and the book 'Evangelicals not Angels' ( Evangelici a ne anđeli) together with Boris Gunjević.

Table of contents



1 The Sabbath Day, the Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee in the Laws of Pentateuch
 1  The Sabbath in the Laws of Pentateuch
 2  The Seventh Year in the Laws of Pentateuch
 3  Relations between the Legislations Concerning Slavery, Bonded and Hired Workers in the Book of the Covenant, the Deuteronomic Laws and the Holiness Code
 4  The Holiness Code and Leviticus 25
 5  Meaning of the Year of Jubilee in Leviticus 25

2 The Sabbath Day and the Year of the Lord’s Favour in the Book of Isaiah 58 and 61
 1  The Unity of the Book of Isaiah
 2  Social Justice as a Request for an Authentic Community: Isaiah 58
 3  The Year of the Lord’s Favour: Isaiah 61

3 Similarities between the Messages of Isaiah 58, 61 and the Jubilee Legislation in Leviticus 25

4 The Sabbath Day and the Year of the Lord’s Favour in the Gospel of Luke
 1  The Sabbath Day in the Gospel of Luke
 2  The Idea of Jubilee in the Gospel of Luke
 3  The Announcement of Jesus’ Public Ministry in Lk 4:16–21

5 The Sabbath/Jubilee in Jürgen Moltmann’s Theology
 1  A Short Overview of Moltmann’s Theology
 2  The Sabbath in Moltmann’s Theology
 3  The Year of Jubilee in Moltmann’s Theology
 4  The Biblical Jubilee and the Social Doctrine of the Trinity in Moltmann’s Theology
 5  Implementation of the Biblical Jubilee in Moltmann’s Theology: The Practice of Liberation


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The synthesis of the analysis of the biblical texts on Jubilee and Moltmann’s interpretation of the subject has revealed a deeper meaning and significance of the biblical Jubilee which leads toward its appropriate application in today’s world.

The book is intended for seminary students, doctoral students, professors, scholars, pastors, religious workers, Christian activists, interested in biblical studies, systematic theology and pastoral theology. Pastors, religious workers and general readers will find this book very useful because, among other things, this book contains sophisticated theo-political tools which can help in an implementation of the biblical concept of socio-economic justice in wider society.