Women, Family and the Chinese Socialist State, 1950-2010


Editor: Xiaofei Kang
This volume includes 14 articles translated from the leading academic history journal in China, Historical Studies of Contemporary China (Dangdai Zhongguo shi yanjiu). It offers a rare window for the English speaking world to learn how scholars in China have understood and interpreted central issues pertaining to women and family from the founding of the PRC to the reform era. Chapters cover a wide range of topics, from women’s liberation, women’s movement and women’s education, to the impact of marriage laws and marriage reform, and changing practices of conjugal love, sexuality, family life and family planning. The volume invites further comparative inquiries into the gendered nature of the socialist state and the meanings of socialist feminism in the global context.

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Biographical Note
Xiaofei Kang, Ph.D (2000), is Associate Professor of Chinese Religions at the George Washington University. She has published books and articles on religion, ethnicity, tourism, and gender in late imperial and modern China.
All interested in women and gender studies in the history of PRC and in PRC historiography.
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