Authorship and Greek Song: Authority, Authenticity, and Performance

Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, Vol. 3


Authorship and Greek Song is a collection of papers dealing with various aspects of authorship in the song culture of Ancient Greece. In this cultural context the idea of the poet as author of his poems is complicated by the fact that poetry in archaic Greece circulated as songs performed for a variety of audiences, both local and “global” (Panhellenic). The volume’s chapters discuss questions about the importance of the singers/performers; the nature of the performance occasion; the status of the poet; the authority of the poet/author and/or that of the performer; and the issues of authenticity arising when poems are composed under a given poet’s name. The volume offers discussions of major authors such as Pindar, Sappho, and Theognis.
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Biographical Note

Egbert J. Bakker (PhD 1988, Leiden) is the Alvan Talcott Professor of Greek at Yale University. His books include The Meaning of Meat and the Structure of the Odyssey (Cambridge, 2013) and Poetry in Speech: Orality and Homeric Discourse (Ithaca, 1997).

Contributors are: Egbert J. Bakker, Nicholas Boterf, Leanna Boychenko, Christopher Carey, Jesús Carruesco, Sarah Harden, Jacqueline Klooster, Vayos Liapis, Richard P. Martin, Irene Peirano-Garrison, Elisabetta Pitotto, Amedeo Raschieri, Eva Stehle, and Laura Swift.


Professional classicists (graduate students and scholars) interested in Greek poetry and questions of authorship in the ancient world