Disintegration: Bad Love, Collective Suicide, and the Idols of Imperial Twilight

Volume Two of Sacrifice and Self-Defeat


Together again for the first time, Marx and Durkheim join forces in the pages of Disintegration: Bad Love, Collective Suicide, and the Idols of Imperial Twilight for a dialectical exploration of the moral economy of neoliberalism, animated, as it is not only by the capitalist chase for surplus value, but also by an immortal vortex of sacred powers. Classical sociology and psychoanalysis are reconstituted within Hegelian social ontology and dialectical method that differentiates between the ephemeral and free and the eternal and fixed aspects of modern life.

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Mark Worrell, Ph.D. (2003), University of Kansas, is an Associate Editor at Critical Sociology and has published articles in a wide variety of critical social theory journals and has authored or edited numerous books.
List of Figures

 1 Marxheimianism and the Return of the Repressed
 2 Freedom and Anomie
 3 Dynamism, Alienation and Reification
 4 Masters and Slaves
 5 Authoritarianism, Character, and Resonance
 6 Disobedience and Necessity

1 Reflective Determinations
 1 The Lifeless Universal
 2 The Judgement
 3 The Syllogism
 4 Telos
 5 The Idea
 6 Necessity Versus Necessity
 7 The Commodity
 8 The Dialectic

2 Bad Love
 1 The House of the Absolute
 2 The New Economy and the Reign of Tyche
 3 The Nightmare of Collective Unconsciousness
 4 Suicide

3The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
 1 Egoism
 2 Altruism
 3 Anomie
 4 Fatalism
 5 Composite Forces
 6 Positive Hell and Heavenly Negativities

Graduate students, academic professionals, and intellectuals interested in a classical sociological, psychodynamic, and Hegelian interpretation of the sacred as it applies to the neoliberal capitalist system will be enlightened.