Vestibular Cognition

In this volume specific cognitive sub-functions are identified and indications of how basic vestibular input contributes to each are described. The broad range of these functions is consistent with the broad spread of vestibular projections throughout the cortex. Combining vestibular signals about the head’s orientation relative to gravity with information about head position relative to the body provides sufficient information to map body position onto the ground surface and underlie the sense of spatial position. But vestibular signals are also fundamental to sensorimotor control and even to high-level bodily perception such as the sense of body ownership and the anchoring of perspective to the body. Clinical observations confirm the essential role of vestibular signals in maintaining a coherent self-representation and suggest some novel rehabilitation strategies.

The chapters presented in this volume are previously published in a Special Issue of Multisensory Research, Volume 28, Issue 5-6 (2015).

Contributors are: M. Barnett-Cowan, O. Blanke, J. Blouin, G. Bosco, G. Bottini, J.-P. Bresciani, J.C. Culham, C.L. Darlington, A.W. Ellis, E.R. Ferrè, M. Gandola, L. Grabherr, S. Gravano, P. Grivaz, E. Guillaud, P. Haggard, L.R. Harris, A.E.N. Hoover, I. Indovina, K. Jáuregu Renaud, M. Kaliuzhna, F. Lacquaniti, B. Lenggenhager, C. Lopez, G. Macauda, V. Maffei, F.W. Mast, B. La Scaleia, B.M. Seemungal, M. Simoneau, P.F. Smith, J.C. Snow, D. Vibert, M. Zago, and Y. Zheng.
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Biographical Note

Elisa Raffaella Ferrè is a Lecturer of Psychology and Director of the Vestibular Multisensory Embodiment Laboratory at Royal Holloway University of London. She obtained her PhD from the University of Pavia in 2012. Her research focuses on vestibular-multisensory interactions for bodily perception and awareness.

Laurence Harris is a Professor of Psychology, Director of the Centre for Vision Research, and Director of the Multisensory Integration Laboratory at York University in Toronto. He obtained his PhD from Magdalene College, Cambridge in 1979. He is a neuroscientist with a background in sensory processes.

Review Quotes

"this book provides a lot of evidence for strong and functionally important vestibular influences on various cognitive functions, an aspect that deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten so far. This book is thus an excellent and timely step in the right direction and a helpful introduction for any scientist wanting to familiarize with this topic."
Perception, 2018, p. 1-3, (DOI: 10.1177/0301006618774210)

Table of contents

E.R. Ferrè and L.R. Harris

Prediction in the Vestibular Control of Arm Movements
J. Blouin, J.-P. Bresciani, E. Guillaud and M. Simoneau

The Components of Vestibular Cognition — Motion Versus Spatial Perception
B.M. Seemungal

Gravity in the Brain as a Reference for Space and Time Perception
F. Lacquaniti, G. Bosco, S. Gravano, I. Indovina, B. La Scaleia, V. Maffei and M. Zago

Contribution of Bodily and Gravitational Orientation Cues to Face and Letter Recognition
M. Barnett-Cowan, J.C. Snow and J.C. Culham

Internal Models, Vestibular Cognition, and Mental Imagery: Conceptual Considerations
F.W. Mast and A.W. Ellis

The Effects of Complete Vestibular Deafferentation on Spatial Memory and the Hippocampus in the Rat: The Dunedin Experience
P.F. Smith, C.L. Darlington and Y. Zheng

Making Sense of the Body: the Role of Vestibular Signals
C. Lopez

Vestibular–Somatosensory Interactions: A Mechanism in Search of a Function?
E.R. Ferrè and P. Haggard

Disrupting Vestibular Activity Disrupts Body Ownership
A.E.N. Hoover and L.R. Harris

Beyond the Non-Specific Attentional Effect of Caloric Vestibular Stimulation: Evidence from Healthy Subjects and Patients
G. Bottini and M. Gandola

Out-of-Body Experiences and Other Complex Dissociation Experiences in a Patient with Unilateral Peripheral Vestibular Damage and Deficient Multisensory Integration
M. Kaliuzhna, D. Vibert; P. Grivaz and O. Blanke

Vestibular Function and Depersonalization/Derealization Symptoms
K. Jáuregui Renaud

The Moving History of Vestibular Stimulation as a Therapeutic Intervention
L. Grabherr, G. Macauda and B. Lenggenhager



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