Reconstructing China’s Participation in the Global Order


Editor: SHAO Binhong
How does China reconstruct its participation in the global order? What is the theoretical framework of global governance? What are the new challenges for China? What is China’s diplomatic strategy in the transformation of the international structure? How will China and the US evolve under ‘Two Orders’? How does China deal with the South China Sea and North Korea nuclear issues? What is the reform of RMB exchange rate regime? Will the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank be a watershed of power transition between China and the United States in the Asia Pacific? This volume gathers a collection of translations of influential essays, speeches, and papers on Chinese foreign policy, national security, and foreign economic relations written by Chinese scholars. Many papers have also served as propositions for policy prescriptions to China's leaders, the vast majority of which have, to date, only been available in Chinese.

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Shao Binhong is senior editor at the Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and also Secretary-General of the China Society of World Economics. Since 1996, she has been managing editor-in-chief of the International Economic Review, one of China’s core periodicals.
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Part 1: International Relations/Foreign Policy

1 Global Governance: A Theoretical FrameworkZhang Yuyan and Ren Lin 2 Disorder or the Reconstruction of Order?Fu Ying 3 New Challenges for China: Thoughts on the Current Domestic and International Situation and Historical ExperiencesZhang Baijia 4 Transformation of the International Structure and China’s Diplomatic StrategySu Ge 5 How China and the US Will Co-evolve under “Two Orders”Wang Jisi 6 On China’s Asia and Western Pacific Strategy and the South China Sea IssueShi Yinhong 7 North Korea Nuclear Issue: The Lasting Stalemate and Its ImplicationsFan Jishe

Part 2: International Political Economy

8 How to Eliminate the Persistent Expectation of RMB Depreciation? The Further Reform of RMB Exchange Rate RegimeYu Yongding, Bin Zhang and Ming Zhang 9 Seventy Years After Bretton Woods, How China Can Play Its Role in the New Global Competitive LandscapeJin Liqun 10 The Third Round of Searching for a New Anchor for the International Monetary SystemHuang Haizhou 11 The Legacy of Bretton Woods and Reconstruction of the International Financial SystemGao Haihong 12 China Facing the Challenge of Reforming the Rules of Global Trade and InvestmentJin Zhongxia 13 Monetary Cooperation or Monetary War?—China and the United States’ Interests US in International Monetary System Reform and the Prospects for CooperationZou Jiayi and Qin Yuexing 14 The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: A Watershed of Power Transition between China and the United States in the Asia Pacific?Chen Shaofeng Index
All interested in the current development and changes China is undergoing, especially those interested in China's participation in the global order.