Canadian Pentecostals, the Trinity, and Contemporary Worship Music

The Things We Sing


This volume offers a landmark analysis of the trinitarian impulses in contemporary worship music used by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). It considers whether the lyrics from the most commonly used PAOC songs are consistent with this Evangelical group’s trinitarian statement of faith.

Colin Gunton’s trinitarian theology provides the theological rationale for eight original and qualitative content analyses of these songs. Three major areas are considered—the doctrine of God, human personhood, and cosmology. Making use of Gunton’s notions of relationality, particularity, and perichoresis, along with several key Pentecostal scholars, this book serves as a helpful descriptive and prescriptive theological resource for the dynamic practice of a trinitarian faith.

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Michael A. Tapper, Ph.D. (Historical Theology), is the chair for the Division of Religion at Southern Wesleyan University in Central, South Carolina. He is a graduate of Saint Paul University (Ottawa, Ontario). He is also an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church.
"Tapper’s volume collects of an incredible amount of data, analyzes and compiles it, and comes complete with helpful and colourful charts, diagrams, and extensive appendices. (...) Overall Tapper’s is an excellent and crucial study which I would highly recommend to all students of Pentecostal theology and liturgy, and especially to PAOC pastors, worship leaders, and songwriters." - Aaron Ross, University of Toronto-Wycliffe College, in: Pneuma 40:3 (2018), pp. 438-441.


Chapter 1. Influence of Eastern and Western Trinitarian Thought

Chapter 2. Canadian Pentecostals and the Trinity

Chapter 3. Colin Gunton

Chapter 4. Critiquing Gunton’s Trinitarian Theology

Chapter 5. A Framework for Trinitarian Evaluation of Canadian Pentecostal Music

Chapter 6. Lyrics and Theology Proper

Chapter 7. A Canadian Pentecostal Approach to God

Chapter 8. Lyrics and Anthropology

Chapter 9. A Canadian Pentecostal Approach to Human Personhood

Chapter 10. Lyrics and Cosmology

Chapter 11. A Canadian Pentecostal Approach to the World

Epilogue: Leading Pentecostals Forward in Trinitarian Thought

Pastors, worship leaders, songwriters, trinitarian scholars, Pentecostal scholars, worship studies scholars, church lay-leaders, Evangelicals