Over-the-Counter Derivatives Regulation in Hong Kong and Singapore


In this work, Christopher Chen examines and compares the regulation of over-the-counter derivatives in Hong Kong and Singapore, the two largest international financial centres in Asia Pacific. Chen analyses current or proposed regulations on trade reporting, centralised clearing and mandatory exchange trading mandates regarding OTC derivatives against the backdrop of reforms of international financial regulatory structure after the global financial crisis. The article also relates the reforms in Asia to development in major Western markets such as the US, the UK or the European Union. Apart from technical comparison and dissecting of content of rules from different angles, his work also examines the rationale behind those reforms and policy concerns behind Asian adoption of the regulatory mandates prescribed by G20 as well as potential policy concerns (such as competition and extraterritoriality) in a market that is dominated by Western banks.


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Biographical Note

Christopher Chen, Ph.D. (2008), University of London (UCL), is Assistant Professor of Law of Singapore Management University. He has published in both English and Mandarin regarding derivatives regulation, financial regulations and corporate law.


Policy makers and financial regulators; corporate or financial lawyers; in-house counsels working for banks or financial firms