Factional Struggles

Divided Elites in European Cities & Courts (1400-1750


Editor: Mathieu Caesar
Factional Struggles explores the dynamics of conflicts among ruling elites within cities, dynastic courts, rural areas and regional noble lineages during the early modern period. Building on case studies from France, Italy, the Empire and the Swiss Confederation, the essays collected by Mathieu Caesar in this volume highlight how factions were formed and how they shaped political society from the late Middle Ages. The authors have especially focused on how political and religious ideologies contributed to the formation of partisanship, the role of propaganda, and the significance and strategies of factional leaders. The volume shows how factions, despite the generally negative view of them held by theologians and jurists, were in practice accepted and used as political tools.
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Mathieu Caesar is Maître assistant at the Université de Genève (Ph.D. 2009). He has published on Geneva, the duchy of Savoy, and medieval preaching, including Le pouvoir en ville. Gestion urbaine et pratiques politiques à Genève (Brepols, 2011).

Table of contents

List of Maps Notes on Contributors 1. Did Factions Exist? Problems and Perspectives on European Factional Struggles (1400–1750) Mathieu Caesar 2. The Black Raven and His Gang: Politics in Augsburg in Times of Crisis (1450–1480) Dominique Adrian 3. Changing Skin: Identities and Strategies in Late Medieval Basque banderizo Warfare José Ramón Díaz de Durana and Arsenio Dacosta 4. Conciliarist Employment of Eschatology during and after the Council of Basel (1431–1460) Frances Courtney Kneupper 5. Factions in Rome between Papal Wars and International Conflicts (1480–1530) Maria Antonietta Visceglia 6. The Prince and the Factions: Rebellion and Political Propaganda in Sixteenth-Century Geneva Mathieu Caesar 7. Not Only Blood: Factions on the Venetian Terraferma during the Early Modern Period Andrea Savio 8. A Temperate Factionalism: Political Life in Amiens at the End of the Wars of Religion Olivia Carpi 9. The Imperial Court during the Thirty Years War: A Battleground for Factions? Rubén González Cuerva and Luis Tercero Casado 10. Divide and Rule? Rival Factions and Prussian State Management in Eighteenth-Century Neuchâtel Nadir Weber 11. Factions and Parties in Early Modern Swiss Conflicts Andreas Würgler Bibliography


Everyone interested in European political society and factional conflicts among elites within cities, courts and noble lineages from the late Middle Ages to the eighteenth century.

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