Studies in International Air Law

Collected Work of Cheng Bin

Editor: Chia-Jui Cheng
Studies in International Air Law: Selected Works of Bin Cheng brings together for the first time the most influential of his many significant works. The selected essays, collected by editor Professor Cheng Chia-Jui, provide a comprehensive survey of international air law, authoritative and pioneering analyses of international air transport, the legal status of aircraft and crimes on board and against aircraft and air carrier’s liability.

Widely acknowledged as the "Father of International Air Law,” Studies in International Air Law reveals the author’s enormous contributions to the science of air law along with his extraordinary intellectual and analytical spirit.

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Cheng Chia-Jui LLD (1968), National Athens University, is Professor of International Law. Currently he is also Secretary-General of Xiamen Academy of International Law and Secretary-General of Asia Academy of Comparative Law. He has published monographs and many articles on International and Comparative Law.
Table of Cases
Table of International Treaties, Conventions and Other Instruments
Table of Regulations, Directives, Acts, Codes, and Reports of the European Union
Table of Statutes, Acts, Codes of the United Kingdom and Other National Legislation
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Biography: Bin Cheng


Part 1: Conspectus of International Air Law

1 Air Law
2 Centrifugal Tendencies in Air Law

Part 2: The Law of International Air Transport

3 General Survey
4 Beyond Bermuda
5 Dispute Settlement in Bilateral Air Transport Agreements
6 The Role of Consultation in Bilateral International Air Services Agreements, as Exemplified by Bermuda I and Bermuda II
7 Air Transport Law: National in International

Part 3: Legal Status of Aircraft and Crimes on Board and against Aircraft

8 Nationality of Aircraft Operated by Joint or International Agencies
9 State Ships and State Aircraft
10 Crimes on Board Aircraft
11 Royal Aeronautical Society’s Report on Crimes and Offences on Board Aircraft for Submission to the Minister of Aviation
12 The Hague Convention on Hijacking of Aircraft 1970 the Legal Aspects
13 The Latest on Hijacking
14 The Destruction of KAL Flight Ke0007, and Article 3 Bis of the Chicago Convention
15 International Legal Instruments to Safeguard International Air Transport: The Conventions of Tokyo, the Hague, Montreal and a New Instrument Concerning Unlawful Violence at International Airports
16 Aviation, Criminal Jurisdiction and Terrorism: The Hague Extradition/Prosecution Formula and Attacks at Airports

Part 4: Air Carrier’s Liability

17 High Contracting Parties in Air Law: Philippson v. Imperial Airways, Ltd., Revisited
18 The Law of “International” and “Non-international” Carriage by Air
19 Wilful Misconduct: From Warsaw to the Hague and from Brussels to Paris
20 Compensation for Airline Passenger Death and Injury: The Future of the Warsaw Convention
21 Fifty Years of the Warsaw Convention: Where Do We Go from Here?
22 An Integrated System of Absolute, Unlimited and Secured Liability for Passenger Injury or Death in International Carriage by Air
23 The Birth of the Alvor Draft Convention to Re-unify and Revitalise the Relevant Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air
24 Sixty Years of the Warsaw Convention: Airline Liability at the Crossroads (Part I)
25 The Warsaw System: Mess Up, Tear Up, or Shore Up?
26 A New-Look Warsaw Convention on the Eve of the Twenty-First Century
27 The Warsaw System: The Way Forward
28 The 1999 Montreal Convention on International Carriage by Air Concluded on the Seventieth Anniversary of the 1929 Warsaw Convention
29 The Labyrinth of the Law of International Carriage by Air Has the Montreal Convention 1999 Slain the Minotaur?
30 The Changing Dimensions of the International Law of Carriage by Air

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